[Video] Ochocinco Speaks Publicly For the First Time, Says He Will Win Evelyn Back

For the first time, Chad Ochocinco Johnson publicly discusses being fired by the Miami Dolphins and the alleged head butting incident with his estranged wife, Basketball Wives’ Evelyn Lozada. The episode, which airs on ‘Hard Knocks’, shows Ocho training, while having a heart-to-heart about the high publicise turmoil that he’s put himself through. He explains:

Somewhere along the way I lost focus. I lost something that I loved. I lost two things that I love because of my immature actions. Imma get both of those back. One step at a time.

And he’s not prepared to retire just yet.

I so f*cked everything up. I have to re-prove myself again. I still have five years to go. I’m not old. 34 is, that’s sexy. All I can do is say sorry. I’m human.

Peep the video below:

[youtube width=”590″ height=”415″]http://youtu.be/jhQo7Yzc58c[/youtube]

What do you think–does he have a chance at redeeming himself on the field? And what about reunited with Evelyn?