Ciara Talks Abstaining From Sex Before Marrying Russell Wilson & Reflects On How She Moved Forward After He Ex: I Didn’t Want To Cry Tears of Hurt Anymore 

Ciara Talks Abstaining From Sex Before Marrying Russell Wilson & Reflects On How She Moved Forward After He Ex: I Didn’t Want To Cry Tears of Hurt Anymore 

These days singer/dancer Ciara is proving that she can juggle it all, by being a Mom of two children, a loving wife and maintaining the music career that thrusted her into the spotlight almost 15 years ago. In a new interview, she discusses her current life and much more.

For many, R&B star Ciara is the perfect definition of #CoupleGoals with her husband, Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson, and their two children, Future, 4, and Sienna, 2. With their endless amounts of cute videos and snapshots, their family is impossibly adorable. Now, Ciara is opening up about her marriage, her music comeback with the hit single “Level Up” and when she knew her relationship with ex Future was over for good.

Discussing her instant connection with her husband, Ciara said:

“We both knew. We both had that light-bulb moment.”

She continued, adding what she loves about him:

“He’s my sounding board for pretty much everything I do in my life. He doesn’t want to see me fail. He’s got my back. That’s an awesome feeling.”

She also admitted that despite wanting to give in, it was really hard to abstain from sex with Wilson until they were married:

“That took a lot of prayer. It was hard. I can’t lie.”

Ciara, Future

Ciara seemingly revealed when she knew she could no longer tolerate things in her relationship with rapper Future and what she did to prepare herself for love after the breakup:

“If you want to get somewhere in life, you’ve got to have a compass. You’ve got to know where you really want to get to. And my heart, soul, spirit, and mind just desired to be loved. To be truly loved the right way. I knew I didn’t want to cry tears of hurt anymore. I didn’t want to keep going around in circles.”

The R&B songstress also opened up about the initial self-doubt she felt upon the release of her hit single “Level Up,” which some thought would never catch on:

“I would be lying to you if I said I didn’t wonder what the fans would think, being that I hadn’t released new music in a while. I was told that it wasn’t going to be very successful. That people wouldn’t believe in it. I put it out, and as soon as I opened my eyes the next morning, people were re-creating the video. I get goose bumps just thinking about it.”

Even though she had her daughter less than three years ago, Ciara says she’s definitely ready for more children:

“I want to have as many kids as I can. My kids keep me young. They keep me active. They give me purpose. They just make it all make sense.” 

Up next for Ciara is working hard on her new album. Fans can expect new singles to be released within the next few months, with her seventh studio album arriving later this year. She says right now her creative process is guided by “what feels right to my creative heart.”

You can check out photos from Ciara’s InStyle shoot and the April cover BELOW:


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Authored by: Danielle Jennings