Adrienne Bailon Is Struggling To Get Pregnant – “I have faith, but it can be discouraging”

Adrienne Bailon & Israel Houghton

Adrienne Bailon Reveals Her Pregnancy Struggles

Adrienne Bailon-Houghton has worn many hats. She’s been a chart-topping singer in the R&B/pop group 3LW; an actress in the long-running Disney movie series, The Cheetah Girls; a reality and daytime-talk TV star on both Empire Girls, and The Real; and a wife to noted gospel singer, Israel Houghton. However, there’s one title she hasn’t conquered yet – becoming a mother. Adrienne’s weight has fluctuated since The Real debuted in 2013. Now that she’s Mrs. Houghton her weight has sparked pregnancy rumors. She recently revealed that she and Israel are trying for a little one, and haven’t had luck yet. She said:

I know you guys are like, ‘Is she pregnant? Her face is fuller!’ FYI – I’ve always had a chubby face. And as I told the audience yesterday, I had McGriddles and things to eat yesterday, but I think you should be sensitive to that. Everybody doesn’t get pregnant right away – and I think for myself, I thought it would happen easily for me. And it just hasn’t happened that way. And I’ve had to come to peace with that: that it’ll happen in God’s timing. And I have faith and all that, but it can be really discouraging, and can be really frustrating.

She continued:

“So, I think I looked at myself and in my mind I was like, ‘I’m a Cheetah Girl. I’m 19-years-old.’ And then I looked up and was like, ‘Actually, I’m gonna be 35 in a few weeks,’ and that makes a big difference. And I can feel as youthful as I want on the inside and in my heart – but my ovaries are what they are, you know what I’m saying? And it sucks to hear that.”

Adrienne’s husband Israel previously revealed to The Real that they remained celibate until their wedding day. He said:

“You don’t understand, we’ve waited for this moment. So I opened the door and I had to kick Shane [The Real’s camera man] out, because he was following us around with the camera. Like, ‘You gotta go. Thank you for following us this far, but your time is up. Feel free to go to bed.’”

Israel is a one-time divorcee, and has four children: sons Israel and Jordan, and daughters Mariah and Milan. We wish Israel and Adrienne the best of luck in their pregnancy journey!

Written by Miata Shanay

Authored by: Miata Shanay