Tionna Smalls Snags MTV Show ‘Girl, Get Your Mind Right!’

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If her face looks familiar, it’s because she’s back at it again! Helping us (*raises hand*) find love that is. As you’ll recall back in the day (if you consider 2011 back in the day), Tionna Smalls try her d*mndest to help Chilli of TLC find love-literally (via ‘What Chilli Wants’). While she wasn’t really successful finding anything longterm for her, the 28-year-old New Yorker was successful in building a brand for herself. In addition to hopping in the literary game, and working in the film arena, she’s got some more TV up her sleeve. This week, we’ve learned that she’s landed her own show on MTV called ‘Girl Get Your Mind Right!’. The half-hour series, which has a hidden-camera element, follows 20 young women who seek Tionna for relationship advice. The Hollywood Reporter explains:

In each episode, Smalls will assess their particular problem and confront it head on, whether it’s the men in their lives or their own personal hang-ups. As part of the journey, she will give them a personalized makeover that addresses their looks, behavior and attitude. Before they go on their dates, Smalls offers them final pointers before going undercover and spying on them to see if her tips are being put into action.

Tionna confirmed:

“Everybody needs a coach in their life and that’s what I am for these girls.”

The show premiers at 6 p.m. May 20th.  #WeWork

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P.S. What are your thoughts on Tionna’s new show–dope concept or not your cup of tea?