Ex Disney Star Kyle Massey’s Mother Defends Son Amidst Sexual Abuse Allegations

Ex Disney Star Kyle Massey’s Mother Defends Son Amidst Sexual Abuse Allegations

Over the weekend, former Disney Channel star, Kyle Massey was sued for allegedly sending sexually explicit messages to a minor. In the suit, the minor is seeking over $1 millions for emotional distress. Massey’s mother, Angel Massey, defends her son taking aim at the accusers mother, calling her a lair. She wrote on social media,

“Kyle Massey was accused of sending an inappropriate picture of his penis to a minor. The second image of this post FROM HER ATTORNEYS to me and Kyle dad clearly says KYLE SENT THE PICTURE TO Ms.ANDREAS. Her daughter last name is different! Kindra Andreas is a liar.”

Angel Massey

Massey claims the lawsuit does not includes all the facts.

“Her lawsuit did not include ALL THE FACTS! Kyle Massey character speaks and always has spoken for itself! It’s sad that Kindra Andreas has altered not only the Massey family lives forever but hers as well!”

Massey says Ms. Andreas is looking to take advantage of her son.

“As a mom we should always think about our kids first. In my opinion , she was so busy trying to destroy my son that she forgot about her own family, friends and career. NO JANE DOE!”

In a statement, her lawyer details her defense of her son.

“Where is the justice for MEN? Women get to says and do what they want and file lawsuits under JANE DOE! No the mother name is Kindra Andreas. My son name is Kyle Massey. Kindra is another mother just like me. Why does she not list her name in her complaint? This is #hetoo. You can’t even look into her background without a name. What if this is a pattern from her?”

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Authored by: Gregory Molette