Gucci Launches Changemakers Program To Further Diversity, Taps Dapper Dan To Help Work W/ Black Designers

Dapper Dan

Gucci Launches Changemakers Program To Further Diversity, Taps Dapper Dan To Help Work W/ Black Designers

After facing backlash for a new designer resuming black face, Gucci are attempting to take full responsibility for their actions. They’re hiring global and regional directors for diversity and inclusion, multi-cultural design scholarship programs, diversity and exclusivity awareness program, and global exchange programs.

They also announced that their collaboration with Harlem designer, Dapper Dan will continue.

The brands first objectives includes a $5 million fund that will be invested in community-based nonprofits geared toward helping communities of color throughout the United States.

In addition, Gucci launched a scholarship that will give a $20,000 grant over the course of four years to selected students. The purpose of the program is to help diversify the pool of individuals who pursue careers in the fashion industry.


Dapper says,

“We met with the CEO of Gucci in Harlem. I have seen real action towards the solutions we discussed, and I want to share them with you.”

He also details his work with Gucci in the black community.

“What we are announcing tomorrow is game-changing for the industry at large. After meeting with some of he industry’s leading black minds and other in fashion, business, and culture, we’ve helped Gucci come up with programs that will positively impact the Black community and fashion as whole.”

He says black designer will have more opportunities and initiatives.

“Black designers and fashion professionals will be given new opportunities through these new initiatives. It’s imperatives that we have opportunities to learn on a world-class level, and also have a seat at the table to say how we should be represented. Through our work together, Gucci is in a position to steer the overall industry toward becoming a better, more inclusive one. This does not end with Gucci, it begins with Gucci.”

Dapper Dan thanks those who have have his back through the controversy.

“Thank you to all of you who have had my back. You might not understand now, but just watch as things unfold. We’re serving notice to all brands that this is a movement.”

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Authored by: Gregory Molette