Are Sheck Wes & India Love Dating? [Photos]

Are Sheck Wes And India Love Dating? Rumors Spark After These Photos

India Love and Sheck Wes might be the newest couple alert. Rumors sparked that the two are dating after suspicious photos surfaced on social media.

Sheck Wes

Sheck started it when he shared a snapshot of himself laying down and added the caption,

“My momma said I don’t sleep enough”

Still, it was what he was laying on that sparked reports about him and Love as some speculate it’s her jacket.


Love also shared a snapshot of her and a guy wearing a grey sweatshirt, which appears to be the same one Wes was wearing in his photo.

Meanwhile, Sheck is still facing backlash for reports from his ex-girlfriend, Justine Skyethat he physically abused her.

Justine Skye

As previously reported, District Attorney in Los Angeles opted not to charge Wes with physical abuse. While she made allegations that he attacked her, there wasn’t enough evidence for a judge to move forward with the case.

A rep for the singer and actress said,

“A judge in the Superior Court of California granted a restraining order against Sheck Wes that is still in effect and the correlating case is still pending. However, it is unfortunate that the Los Angeles District Attorney decided to not pursue any further action at this time but that is often the case with many victims of domestic violence which is why incidents like this go unreported much of the time.”

Wes has maintained his innocence.

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