Nipsey Hussle – Lawyer Volunteers To Help His Friend Injured In Shooting After He Was Sent Back To Jail

Nipsey Hussle 

Nipsey Hussle – Lawyer Volunteers To Help His Friend Injured In Shooting After He Was Sent Back To Jail

An attorney has stepped up to assist Nipsey Hussle’s friend who was injured in the shooting that killed the Victory Lap rapper. Kerry Lathan now has counsel in his issues with the law.

Lauren Noriega, state and criminal defense lawyer in California, put out a plea on Instagram to get her in touch with Lathan’s family so she can represent him.

“Someone please put me in touch with Kerry and/or his family. I will represent him pro bono in honor of the Nipsey legacy ?? instead of giving me props, please repost and send this out. Help me reach his family. #longlivenipsey

She also reposted a quote that reads,

“Nipsey was killed while getting together items to give Kerry. Kerry was shot alongside Nipsey. LAPD have arrested Kerry for violating terms of his parole by associating with a known gang member: Nipsey Hussle THIS is demonic.”

Lauren also gave an update on the case writing:

I AM retained on this case. He specifically told me that he wants his story heard. I will update everyone tomorrow. If everyone in the community can pull together to organize a seamless transition home, that would be amazing. We want to set him up to get his GED, raise some money to help him get on his feet, and make sure he gets the medical attention he deserves. #themarathoncontinues#freecousinkerry

According to reports, Lathan was arrested just days after Hussle died on March 31. Police are said to have taken Lathan into custody, despite Lathan suffering injuries in the shooting that put him in a wheelchair, because he was conversing with Hussle, who has gang-related connections. Authorities say this is a violation of Lathan’s parole.

Ironically, Hussle was at his South L.A. store, The Marathon, helping Lathan get new clothes. Lathan had just been released from jail after being behind bars for 20 years for murder. Hussle reportedly wanting to get him new clothing before Lathan saw his family. Unfortunately, they never made it off the store parking lot before the man accused of the shooting, Eric Holdercame and shot Hussle, Lathan and a third friend.

Eric Holder


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