Kodak Black Calls T.I.’s Sons F*gg*ts & Insults Tiny’s Appearance After Hearing Diss Track [VIDEO]

Kodak Black Calls T.I.’s Sons F*gg*ts & Insults Tiny’s Appearance After Hearing Diss Track [VIDEO]

It looks like Kodak Black insists on having the last word in his back-and-forth with T.I. He has now responded with insults toward T.I.’s family after the Wraith rapper released a new songs that fans are convinced is a jab at Kodak Black.

Kodak Black went off on Instagram and said,

“You should’ve made one of your little f*ggot a** little sons write a rap.”

He accused T.I. of

“trying to go viral every chance he gets.”

He then turned his attention to T.I.’s wife, Tiny

“You really mad cause you can’t rap better than me…I’m in my own lane… This where y’all come for the swag…I don’t even want that b****. I don’t even want Piggy.”

As for the T.I. song that seems to have Kodak Black riled up, T.I. raps,

“I’m conditioned to see the vision, you / I don’t care if you’re 81 or 22,” he raps in the clip. “All that back and forth finna get into / I said what I said and I meant it too. “Ni**a took it too far, better slow down / Your belief becomes your thoughts, then your thoughts become your word … I can only teach these ni**as the same way that I learned / And that’s a public violation / Ni**as show your ass in the mall and get your ass whooped and maced / I can show you life with no consequences, I don’t know none.”

There’s lots of speculation that he’s talking about Kodak Black. 

Their feud started after Kodak Black said Lauren London has a year to get over her late boyfriend, rapper Nipsey Hussle.

Lauren London Says Rumors About Boyfriend Nipsey Hussle Are Fake

Nipsey Hussle & Lauren London

Hussle died after being gunned down in front of his store on March 31. Kodak Black’s comments came just days later. T.I. was the first to respond and tell him he was “out of pocket.”

Kodak Black seemed to have little remorse after T.I’s comment.

T.I. went on to remove Kodak Black’s painting from his Trap Museum in Atlanta.


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Looks like #KodakBlack’s painting has been removed from the #TrapMusicMuseum in Atlanta.

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Kodak Black didn’t seem to care about that either.

T.I. hasn’t responded to Kodak Black’s comments about his wife and sons, but he certainly doesn’t play around when it comes to his family.

Hear T.I.’s alleged diss track below.

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Authored by: Char Patterson