T.I. Questions The Streets Code – Y’all Killed Nipsey & Let Zimmeran Live?! 

T.I. Questions The Streets Code – Y’all Killed Nipsey & Let Zimmeran Live?!

T.I. had a few things to get off of his chest surrounding the shocking death of Nipsey Hussle. 

Nipsey Hussle

Hussle died from gunshot wounds after being gunned down in front of his L.A. Store, The Marathon, Sunday. T.I. took to social media to express his frustrations about Hussle losing his life, while George Zimmermanwho was accused of shooting and killing then 17-year-old Trayvon Martin in 2012, is still alive.

He was acquitted back in 2013.

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Trayvon Martin

T.I. writes,

“Y’all killed Nipsey and let Zimmerman live streets is done… U n***az ain’t TUFF… Ain’t fooling me nain Bit!!! Fun Fact: U get the same time for killing the BAD ones as you do for killing the GOOD ones. F***in Cowards!!! WAKE UP N***AZ!!!! #KingsThoughts”

One fan confronted T.I. in the comments and said,

“U let Zimmerman live too no cap u got the money and the power u could’ve put the cheese on em just like u used the cheese to fight that case with the straps… u can made a difference too tip u all talk”

T.I. replied with,

“Coaches call plays, players run plays, owners pay players…which one are you?”

T.I., Nipsey Hussle

He also slammed those who are posting a video that has been circulating of Hussle’s shooting.

T.I. has been vocal about Hussle’s death. He addressed his death during an interview stating,

“I’m disheartened, disappointed, and disgusted that the very people that we all work so hard to try to liberate and uplift are the ones that ultimately, in the end, hope to see our demise. But you know that’s neither here nor there. I think that right now… I’m just focusing on some kind of clarity and understanding, and eventually I know as the days continue to progress I’ll find it.”

He then explained an Instagram post he shared just hours after Hussle’s death was confirmed.

“Because f the lack of education, the lack of opportunity and the lack of experiences in our communities, most of us who are subjected to the confinement of thsoe communities, we operate and exist on such a very low vibration. And we’re very remedial in our thinking. So when we see people who operate on a high vibration, and have a lot more flushed out, detailed thoughts, for whatever reason… because they’re well read, because they travel more, or experience more… There are only one of two things that’s gonna happen.”


“Some people will learn from that person and follow them into whatever greatness comes or whatever opportunities that can exist from that. And the other half is going to detest the very existence of that person because their greatness upsets all the things that you’re not doing in your life. And so every time they come in contact with somebody operating on a high vibration, internally, the things they’re not doing for themselves and the things they’re not making happen in their life, causes them to be unsettled and that usually ends up in violence… and senseless violence due to jealousy.”

“I think it’s even stronger than that. I think people just hate, not that you’re doing something, but the fact that they’re doing nothing. And you’re doing reminds them too much…”

Hussle’s suspected killer, Eric Holder, was captured by police Tuesday. He is in custody on $7 million bond.

Eric Holder

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Authored by: Char Patterson