Newly Single Wendy Williams Has Her Eye On Cardi B’s Sexy Security Guard: I’m On The Loose! [VIDEO]

Newly Single Wendy Williams Has Her Eye On Cardi B’s Security Guard: I’m On The Loose! [VIDEO]

After months of speculation, whispers and rumors, daytime talk show host Wendy Williams is ending her 20+ year marriage to soon-to-be ex-husband Kevin Hunter. She is said to have filed April 11 in New York. On Monday (April 15), she returned to her talk show for the first time since the news broke—and it appears she may already have eyes for someone new courtesy of superstar Cardi B.

Wendy Williams & husband Kevin Hunter

As she returned to her self-titled talk show and addressed the elephant in the room being her impending divorce, Wendy Williams also had a light-hearted moment when she took a closer look at Cardi B’s handsome security guard.

While a picture of Cardi B answering questions on the red carpet flashed in the background behind her, Williams took note to focus on Cardi’s security guard who got her attention with his striking good looks and towering physical presence.

Speaking on the security guard, Williams stated:

“I’m distracted by that chocolate gumdrop over Cardi’s shoulder. No, back it up now, back it up. I’m on the loose. Hold on, hold on, hold on.”

Williams then turned to the security guard’s image and batted her eyes as she blew kisses toward him. She also admitted that if he was her security, she would be calling him in the middle of the night just to have another look at him. See the clip below.

Earlier in the show, when addressing the ending of her marriage, she said:

“You wear a different mask when you’re out here. Everybody has things in their life that they’re –  not ready to share with the world. Addressing my sobriety, my addiction, head-on has really helped me sort out every single compartment of my life. I have a commitment to me and my son to come out of here better, stronger and faster than ever. And by the way, I will still commit; I commit that the motto of this show will always be, ‘Their business is our business.’”


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Authored by: Danielle Jennings