50 Cent Feuding W/ ‘Power’ Executive Producer Randall Emmett & His Fiancée Reality Star LaLa Kent

50 Cent,, Randall Emmett, LaLa Kent

50 Cent Feuding W/ ‘Power’ Executive Producer Randall Emmett & His Fiancée Reality Star LaLa Kent

50 Cent has made it clear he doesn’t play about his money. Now, he has set his disdain on a man named Randall Emmett.  Emmett is an executive producer on 50 Cent’s hit Starz series, “Power.”

50 Cent exposed their feud when he posted a clip of Emmett’s fiance, Lala Kent of Bravo’s “VanderPump Rules” reality show. In the clip Kent bragged about how she hooked up with Emmett the same night she met him. He then showered her with gifts like a Range Rover and set up an acting opportunity.

50 Cent wrote the caption,

“10 seconds left in the 4 quarter h*e’s are Winning. Do you want A range rover, ?yes, b**** yassss. Then just run out ?????and suck a d***. LOL smh????#lecheminduroi#bransoncognac


Kent herself commented on the post with her own response for 50 Cent. 

“She swears she’s a thug from south side Jamaica queens & she’s up in here watching Bravo. Someone has forgotten where they come from. Coming for me on the gram!? I smell fish coming from fifty’s direction. Vanderpump Rules airs Monday’s at 9/8C, only by @bravotv. I got the strap.”

She later deleted her comment. But her co-star, Stassi Schroeder, who Kent was talking to in the clip chimed in and said,

“This is treason.”

Emmett has stayed quiet about the rapper posting the clip. But he did disable his comments on his Instagram page. Meanwhile, 50 Cent shared a screenshot of text messages between him and Emmett. In the text he let 50 Cent know that he was going to the emergency room.

“I’m so hurt and not feeling well. Now my ex is f***ing with me after your post this very bad for me on all levels going to er to make sure not having heart attack. Please fifty no more”

50 Cent clearly had no sympathy and responded,

“Get the f*** out of here Randell you told your girl to say that bulls***.”

He added,

“Did you tell her owed me a million dollar over 6 years. Keep playing with me and get ya f***ing head cracked in front of everybody.”

50 Cent also added the caption,

“F*** you @Randallemmettfilms you think I wouldn’t find out, you and your little h*e girl friend talk to us weekly. I want the rest of my money Monday.”

It’s not clear what the feud is about, or what sparked 50 Cent to post the clip. But in another series of text messages he posted, Emmett told 50 Cent that he asked him to be in his wedding just this week. That still wasn’t enough for 50 Cent to come around. He revealed that Emmett sent him $250,000 of the money he owed, but he wanted all of it this Monday.

He then posted a selfie Emmett previously shared of him and 50 Cent. 

Only time will tell if 50 Cent will ever let up.


Authored by: Char Patterson