Lee Daniels Admits He Deserved To Be Publicly Humiliated By Dame Dash, Says It Doesn’t Matter Whether Or Not He Believes Jussie Smollett’s Staged Attack [VIDEO]

Lee Daniels Admits He Deserved To Be Publicly Humiliated By Dame Dash, Says It Doesn’t Matter Whether Or Not He Believes Jussie Smollett’s Staged Attack [VIDEO]

When all of the Jussie Smollett drama began back in January, aside from the legal ramifications, one of the main things the public wanted to know was how would the incident impact Smollett’s role on the hit series Empire. The show’s creator, Lee Daniels, recently sat down for a revealing interview where he addressed Smollett’s future on the show, his legal dispute with Dame Dash, longstanding beef with Mo’Nique and more.

Writer/director/producer Lee Daniels recently stopped by The Breakfast Club to clear up many of the rumors surrounding himself and his show Empire, as well as addressing some of his most well-known beefs with former hip-hop mogul Dame Dash and actress Mo’Nique. However, the most anticipated part of the interview is when he discussed Jussie Smollett, who he has referred to on many occasions as his “son.”

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On his initial thoughts when he heard about Jussie Smollett’s alleged hate crime attack:

“You saw it, I went to Instagram. My initial thoughts, I went to Instagram. It was uhh, probably the most devastating. Regardless, I’m not a judge. There’s only two judges, God and that man with the gavel. Those are the only two judges. I cannot judge. Um, I can only have compassion. And, uh, so, my thoughts are inconsequential.”

On Jussie Smollett’s future on Empire:

“We’re in talks now to figure out what we’re gonna do with the show. I seen the ‘SNL’ piece about me because it was real. It’s real, it’s traumatic, it’s traumatized the show, it’s traumatized the actors. It is, uh, very painful to talk about…even now. And I think that we’re still living it and we’re still trying to figure it out. And regardless, you know what? I’m still standing by him regardless of the outcome because I can’t just discard someone. That’s like discarding my son.”

On if he believes Smollett’s version of what happened during the attack:

“Again, my thoughts are inconsequential. Like, he’s my son and I can only say that I stand by him.”

On squashing his beef with Dame Dash:

“We squashed our beef. You know one thing? He’s a good man. And I think that I was out of pocket. ‘Cause sometimes you really get caught up in that white voice that’s in your head, that are saying, ‘no, you signed a document Lee Daniels, you signed a f**king document. You do not owe him any money.’ My lawyers and my agents was telling me that, ‘you don’t owe him any money.’ But, you know one thing? Let me tell you something. If I didn’t pay them matza ball n**gas back, I wouldn’t have been able to make…you know what I mean? Real talk. It was a wake-up call. And sadly it took the public humiliation of having that sort of shock me to…yeah. But, I believe in karma and I deserved it and I wish him the best because he really believed in me when nobody else did, and Hollywood was not f**kin’ wit me.”

When indirectly asked if there’s anyone else he wants to make amends with, seemingly Mo’Nique, Daniels quickly responded with:

“No, next question. That situation is what it’s going to be. I think we have to chose to disagree. And I think that, again, I have nothing but compassion for her. She got a job, she got a job, she got a commercial with Childish Gambino, so now she’s not blackballed. I’m excited for her. She’s really good in it.”

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On the future of Empire:

“The future of ‘Empire’ yo, is going to be bombastic. That’s all I can say. I think that what this has done…’Empire’ came at lightening. It came at us like lightening. This Jussie situation took us like a lightening. So, they are depending on me to come up with something. They’re like, ‘Lee what you gon’ do?’ I’m like, ‘I’m gon’ f**k everybody up.’ It’s time for me to get back to roots, I had left the room, I was gone for awhile and I said it time for me to do something completely unexpected, that will f**k n*ggas up and say, ‘Daniels is back at the helm.’”

On rumors that he orchestrated the Jussie Smollett attack:

“That’s really painful. Why would I write something that happened to me? These things happened to me. I ain’t get hung with a noose or anything, but I think it’s painful. It’s sad that people would go to that.”

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Authored by: Danielle Jennings