Cardi B Shows Off Killer Abs While Singing Gospel Version Of ‘Clout’ [VIDEO]

Cardi B Shows Off Killer Abs While Singing Gospel Version Of ‘Clout’ [VIDEO]

The current queen of hip-hop, Cardi B, is showing that despite her ridiculously busy schedule, she still finds the time to let loose and have a little fun—all while showing off her killer curves. The Grammy award-winner recently posted a video of her putting a new twist on her hit song “Clout” with hubby Offset.

It’s only been a week since Cardi B and Offset dropped the steamy video for their hit song “Clout,” but Cardi already has a remix…a gospel remix. In a video posted to her Instagram, she is seen getting glammed up while she sings part of her verse on the song with a new gospel flow.

It also should be noted that her body looks insane less than a year after giving birth to her adorable daughter Kulture.

Cardi captioned the video, “Clout Gospel Remix by the Bodak Yellow Church!” which features her hairstylist, stylist and publicist.

Based on the way her body looks, she should be more than ready to tackle her feature film debut alongside KeKe Palmer in the Jennifer Lopez-starring stripper revenge film Hustlers, which is currently filming and was granted a September release date.

Jennifer Lopez, Cardi B, KeKe Palmer Will Star in Stripper Movie, “Hustlers”

In a recent interview, Lopez dished on why she decided to call Cardi to star in the film:

“I did call Cardi. It was a good conversation. I said, ‘listen baby, I have this movie that I’m producing and starring in, there’s a really, you know, interesting role, and by the way you can do any role, (she coulda done any role) and said there’s a couple things you could do.’ And it’s about her time commitments and things like that, she has a lot going on. And she had never done a movie and we just talked about it. She said, ‘listen, I come from that world, I understand it. I said, ‘it’s not something where you’ll have to get an acting coach, it’s your natural, that’s all you’ll have to do.’ Cause I didn’t want her to feel out of her comfort zone either. This is you, you probably understand this better than I do, I would love to pick your brain and we had a conversation about it. And the life and what it was like and what it did for her. And she said Imma be part of it, I don’t how big of a part, but Imma be part of it. And then she signed on.”

Let’s see if Cardi has anymore gospel remixes to her hit songs up her sleeve—we’ll be waiting!

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Authored by: Danielle Jennings