Remy Ma Spotted Wearing Ankle Monitor Amid Being Accused of Attacking Brittney Taylor

Remy Ma Spotted Wearing Ankle Monitor Amid Being Accused of Attacking Brittney Taylor 

The alleged fight between Love and Hip Hop stars Remy Ma and Brittney Taylor still has many fans scratching their heads, as they scramble to decipher truth from fiction. Well, an additional detail regarding Remy Ma could make things a bit clearer—the rapper was recently photographed wearing an ankle monitor.

Early last week, Brittney Taylor took to social media with claims that Remy Ma punched her in the face without warning, resulting in her having a black eye. Taylor initially posed the question to Remy regarding the incident, asking “why did you really do this?”

That question was included with the video she posted and in the caption that read:

“So, here am I on my way to a very important meeting and it’s hard to even focus because of what occurred last night. didn’t wanna bring it to social media because It’s pretty embarrassing and not a good look tbh. I tried my best to cover it up with make up and move on but that still didn’t work. My Question is @remyma why did you really do this? #WHATHAPPENEDTOWOMANEMPOWERMENT #BlackLove? smh”

However, Taylor just recently gave more insight into what allegedly happened between the two women, which caused things to get physical. Taylor now claims that things escalated due to a “misunderstanding” involving Remy’s stepdaughter Dejanae.

According to Taylor, Remy allegedly punched her after they got into a verbal altercation while attending a fundraising concert hosted by Remy’s friend and long-time collaborator, Fat Joe. Taylor elaborated further, stating that the argument was about Dejanae and a man during a spring break trip to Miami that eventually evolved into a domestic dispute.

Of the incident Taylor said:

“What happened with me and Dej in Miami is I saved her—I saved her life, and [Remy] got aggressive. She was like, ‘That’s not what I heard,’ and she punched me in the face.”

Now, Remy Ma has just been photographed wearing an ankle monitor, causing fans to speculate that the reason is because of the open NYPD investigation around her stemming from Taylor’s allegations of assault. Remy, along with husband Papoose and Fat Joe, recently attended a baseball event at Yankee Stadium—and you can clearly see her wearing the ankle monitor in multiple photos.

You can check out the photos BELOW:

At press time, Remy Ma has yet to publicly respond to Brittney Taylor’s allegations of assaulting her.

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Authored by: Danielle Jennings