Mel B’s Ex-Husband Stephen Belafonte Alleges Singer Has A Drinking Problem & Is Demonstrating ‘Bizarre Behavior’: She Walks Around w/o Underwear

Mel B’s Ex-Husband Stephen Belafonte Alleges Singer Has A Drinking Problem & Is Demonstrating ‘Bizarre Behavior’: She Walks Around w/o Underwear

The ongoing divorce battle between British singer Mel B and her ex-husband Stephen Belafonte continues.

In the latest court filings, a report from Radar Online states Stephen Belafonte, 47, is urging the courts to step into custody negotiations. Mel B’s former partner claims in the legal papers that the singer is dealing with a substantial drinking problem, adding she often walks around her house nude, making their shared daughter uncomfortable.

Mel B, Madison

Reportedly, Belafonte alleges in the court docs that his ex, Melanie ‘Mel B‘ Brown, 47, has exhibited signs of intoxication several times while interacting with their 11-year-old daughter Madison. The document reportedly reads:

“In many of Madison’s communications with [Mel], [Mel] is demonstrably intoxicated, slurring her speech and speaking in the distinct manner in which [Mel] speaks when intoxicated…This has gotten to the point where Madison has felt the need to call [Mel] out.”

Mel B

Additionally, Belafonte said the young girl feels her mother’s nudity, and actions while in the nude, are inappropriate. The doc adds:

 “[Mel] inappropriately entered Madison’s bathtub naked and, on several occasions, ‘cuddled’ naked with Madison, ‘spooning’ her, in the same bed [Mel] shares with her partner. Putting aside the unexplained nature of [Mel’s] conduct and the need for further inquiry into Madison’s concerns…When Madison complained before about [Mel’s] habit of working around the home with no underwear, and with her privates exposed, [Mel] reacted by laughing and continued to do so.”

Mel B & Daughters

Belafonte says that Madison is now in “a state of panic,” as she is reportedly set to spend time with her famous mom in the U.K. in the coming weeks. He adds that she is currently refusing to see Mel, and is at the “breaking point” with her “bizarre behavior.”

The divorce/custody situation between Mel and her ex has been quite nasty and ongoing for some time. Back in 2017, the former couple called it quits, with Mel accusing Belafonte of being emotionally and physically abusive during their 10-year marriage. Belafonte vehemently denied the accusations.

In a 2021 court filing, the “Wannabe” singer previously urged the courts to intervene in their custody agreement. At the time, Mel accused Belafonte of keeping their daughter’s whereabout from her. The musician added that her ex knowingly hired a nanny who was acquainted with a previous nanny Madison was no longer allowed to be around. Her court documents read:

“Stephen also frequently leaves Madison with caretakers when he parties, gathers with associates, attends recording sessions in studios, and engages in other activities at all hours of the day and through the night. Stephen does not inform me of who Madison’s caretakers are, where Madison is while under their care, and how long Madison is in their care. It is troubling to me that I have no idea who Madison is being left with for several consecutive overnights – especially when Stephen is out of state,”

Mel B, Stephen Belafonte

Belafonte refuted the claims, and alleged that Mel is simply “impossible to co-parent with.” Now, reports state that Belafonte wants a court order for Madison to have a private phone to contact him while she’s with Mel. He adds that the order should specify that Mel’s eldest daughter Phoenix, should be barred from accessing the phone.

Mel B, Phoenix

Additionally, Belafonte wants the court to prohibit the singer from being “under the influence of alcohol or other substance” while having custody of their daughter. The doc notes that Mel’s alleged substance abuse:

“substantially impairs her ability to care for Madison”

Finally, Belafonte also wants to keep Mel from being nude around Madison. The legal doc notes:

“including but not limited to, entering Madison’s bathtub, walking around her without underwear, or attempting to sleep in the same bed naked with Madison.”

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Authored by: Kay Johnson