RHOA’s’ Kenya Moore & Marlo Hampton Get Into Heated Argument That Almost Turns Physical 

Kenya Moore, Marlo Hampton

‘RHOA’s’ Kenya Moore & Marlo Hampton Get Into Heated Argument That Almost Turns Physical 

Things got heated between Kenya Moore and Marlo Hampton at the end of their workout session!

On Sunday’s (June 26) episode of “Real Housewives Of Atlanta,” costars Kenya Moore and Marlo Hampton released the animosity they had toward each other. Kenya Moore, 51, admitted that she told Kandi Burruss that Marlo Hampton was a bad friend for seemingly being unsupportive to Sheree Whitefield, 52, amid her decision to split from her ex-boyfriend Tyrone.

Moore told Hampton, 46:

“It made her realize all the things you haven’t been to her.”

Hampton asked sarcastically:

 “Can you teach me how to be a friend, Kenya?”

Hampton then asked Moore rude questions about her estranged husband Marc Daly. Hampton said:

“Okay, what’s going on with Marc? Tell us about Marc, your relationship. Tell us about your fake booty.”

Moore replied:

“There’s the Marlo we know.”

Hampton retorted:

“Because you’re sitting here, and there’s the fake booty we know.”

Moore repeated:

“There’s the Marlo we know.”.

Hampton clapped back:

“And the bad makeup we know. Bad makeup person today. Did you get your lips done?” 

Moore said:

“You keep going backwards and you’re falling flat because all you do is look like a fool.”

Hampton said:

“Learn how to keep a man.” 

Moore asked:

“Where is your man, Marlo?”

Hampton replied:

“I don’t want one. You settled for one that belittled you, sweetheart.”

Moore said:

“Yes, I did. And I have a beautiful child from that. And what do you have?”

Marlo Hampton, Kenya Moore

Hampton proceeded to get into Moore’s face as she screamed at her. Moore held up her open palm so Hampton could back up.

Moore yelled at Hampton:

“Get out of my face. Get out of my f*ck*ng face!”

Hampton shouted:

“You didn’t tell Marc you were perfect!”

Moore screamed as Hampton was being separated from the verbal altercation:

“Get out of my f*ck*ng face!”

Moore was also hauled back as things got close to getting physical. Moore hollered:

“Get out of my f*ck*ng face. You’re not gonna walk up on me, you pitiful little h**! Get the f*ck out of my face. You’re not gonna disrespect me! Try me, again!”

Moore added:

“You gonna get f*ck*d up!”

Hampton followed her outside and screamed:

“Bye, fake booty!”

Moore responded:

“I’m a m*th*rf*ck*ng perfect Barbie Doll. I don’t care, that ugly b*tch. I don’t give a care.”

In a confessional Moore said:

“You can use your words to fight. I can do it all day long. Let’s go. But don’t get in my face, period, or you’re gonna have a problem.”

Fans took it to Instagram to discuss whose side they were on:

Moore and Hampton’s relationship took a turn during a previous episode aired on Sunday (June 12). Moore was invited to Hampton’s home for a girl’s night to put Sheree Whitfield in good spirits after she traveled hours to see her significant other and was stood up. Moore excused the girl’s night implying that she was seemingly sick. However, Hampton accused Moore of lying because she was in “full glam” when her cancelation facetime call took place.

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Authored by: Tsai-Ann Hill