Kandi Burruss Responds To Porsha Williams’ Comments About Their Unaired Argument On ‘RHOA’: I’m Confused

Kandi Burruss Responds To Porsha Williams’ Comments About Their Unaired Argument On ‘RHOA’: I’m Confused

Update #2 (April 17th): Kandi Burruss has responded to statements Porsha Williams made on her Instagram Live earlier this week.

While promoting her role on Lifetime’s upcoming film Envy: A Seven Deadly Sins Story, she also spoke on Porsha Williams’ remarks.


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When asked how she and Porsha Williams were doing, she said,

“I don’t really know, honestly.”

The Xscape singer referenced a Vulture article that revealed Porsha Williams had Bravo remove a scene that showed them arguing over the Black Lives Matter movement. The article is what caused Porsha to go live to share her side. Kandi Burruss said,

“As far as I knew we were cool when we left the reunion, and then this article came up, now I guess she’s on social media. So I have no idea to be honest, what the point was that she was trying to make. I’m confused to be honest.”

She continued,

“I guess [it didn’t catch me by surprise]. The article talked about a scene that was deleted – that was not used in the show. Obviously, there were things in that scene that were not a positive look in her eyes. With that being said, she wasn’t happy about it then, and of course, she’s not happy about it being discussed now. So, I don’t really know what to say about all of it.”

She went on to address if the reunion will reveal who was involved in alleged sexual activity with striper Bolo at Cynthia Bailey’s bachelorette party that aired earlier this season on The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Throughout the season, Kenya Moore alleged Porsha Williams was the main co-star who participated.


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Kandi Burruss said,

“You gotta watch the reunion. I can’t give you all the juice… You gotta tune in… We do discuss what happens on the trip. For the rest, you’re gonna need to sit in front of the TV to find out what everybody had to say about it.”

In other news, she said she’s “super excited” about Xscape’s upcoming Verzuz battle with SWV. 

Original Story (April 16th): Porsha Williams is clearing her name and setting the record straight on drama with her The Real Housewives of Atlanta co-star Kandi Burruss. 

In this season of the popular Bravo show, fans saw Porsha Williams take on social activism like never before.

On Thursday (April 15th), a Vulture article was published and alleged that Kandi Burruss took action to push Bravo to go further with its programming on race. While the network was going to initially have a conversation on race and racism on its website and Instagram, Kandi emailed producer Shari Levine and said the special should air on prime time television and include cast members who have taken a stand against social injustice. She told Vulture, 

“We always say ‘Bravolebrities.’ Those are our friends in our heads. So what I was saying to Shari is if people have the opportunity to hear their friends in their heads say, ‘Yeah, we even deal with these situations,’ then it’ll help them look at it differently.”

Her email worked because Bravo ultimately aired Race in America: A Movement Not A Moment, followed by a special election episode Race In America: Our Vote Counts. 

Kandi’s email included other action items for the network like working with Black-owned production companies and havinng some internships set aside for HBCU students. She also pushed the network to hire more Black executives. She added to Vulture,

“Not any of the people that I’ve had any experience with at Bravo are racist or come off as racist to me. But if you don’t have enough African Americans around you that are also in your ears saying, ‘Oh, this will be a great idea,’ you’re just not informed.”

Things went left with her and Porsha Williams after she shared the email with Porsha and other co-stars like Tanya Sam and Marlo Hampton. 

Marlo Hampton

Tanya Sam

She also shared with Nene Leakes, who left the show ahead of the 13th season while making racism and discrimination claims against Bravo and Andy Cohen. 

Nene Leakes

While Kandi expected to receive support over what she shared with Bravo, there was a separate text conversation with the other ladies who allegedly said they were frustrated she went to the network without telling them. Kandi didn’t see why she needed to inform her co-stars about her requests for Bravo, and took issue with Porsha’s lack of support considering her stance in the social justice movement. Kandi said,

“They say they were upset because I did not include them. But we all have our way that we’re helping with the movement.”

Kandi addressed Porsha on camera, but the scene never aired. A clip of Kenya Moore saying Porsha kept getting arrested for attention was shown instead.



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Kenya Moore later doubled down on her remarks in an interview and said,

 “Porsha wanted to be the only one that was the face of the movement for TV purposes.”

Porsha addresed the reports of the unaired scene and the text messages about Kandi on Instagram Live just hours after the Vulture article was published.

While the article didn’t state that Porsha didn’t want the scene between her and Kandi aired, Porsha called out Kenya Moore and said,

“The way that Kenya is putting it out there that I asked the Bravo exec to not play a scene of Kandi and I having an argument, having a fight, me dogging Kandi about her efforts concerning Black Lives Matter, is simply not true.”

She continued,

“What happened was… Nene was doing an article and she sent private text messsages to a particular blogger and the blogger put out the text messages and they were received out of context. The text messages, the way the blogger put it out there, was that I said Kandi went behind the cast’s back and went to Bravo and tried to get programming done without telling us – which blindsided us, which should make Kandi look bad.”

She explained,

“Kandi got upset with that, and Kandi decided to confront me about it on Housewives. The beginning of the season happened and I had not seen any of the cast. This was my first scene with the cast, which was [Kandi’s husband] Todd’s birthday. I walked into Todd’s birthday, and I was told Kandi wanted to question me about something. I said ‘Okay that’s fine. I haven’t done anything – happy to answer her questions. As soon as I walked into the party, Kandi wanted to ask me about these texts.”

She said the conversation wasn’t a heated one and she had no problem showing Kandi the actual text messages (which she printed out and showed on the IG Live).

She added that it only turned into an argument after Kenya Moore came over and joined the conversation. Porsha said that’s when she decided,

“This is not a good look. We as black women should not be arguing on this show about Black Lives Matter. That is not what we need to do…”

Porsha Williams

She said she had a “certain responsibility” when it comes to Black Lives Matter and didn’t like how the conversation could come across once edited. She said,

“I did not want us to be on Real Housewives, even if it was just a misunderstanding – because clearly I have the texts – even if it could have been cleared up, I just didn’t like the way it was going to come off. I don’t have power over editing, nobody does. So at the end of the day, if they decide to chop it up, or maybe it just didn’t show right, I didn’t want the narrative to be out there that black women on The Real Housewives of Atlanta, instead of being responsible, doing something for the community and being effective, instead we’re on there arguing about what Kandi didn’t do, what Porsha didn’t do, and what Nene didn’t do.”

She went on to explain,

“I went to Bravo. They decided, after I explained everything to them, that they agreed ‘You know what? I don’t think that would be a good look. That is not the purpose we want in showing the black experience and what you guys are going through in Black Lives Matter. So they decided they didn’t want to air that. Period. And it was done.”

She said she contacted Kandi after the scene to clear the air and let her know she didn’t have any issue with her speaking up and standing for Black Lives Matter. She just said her stance was that they are more powerful together when it comes to addressing Bravo.

She added that she told Nene, Marlo and Tanya that since Kandi had already spoken with the Bravo execs, they should just ask for a donation so they’re not bringing confusion or asking the network for the same thing.

She went on to read the text exchange of her clearing up things with Kandi, as well as the texts between her and Nene as she called out Kenya on IG Live for spreading the narrative that she slammed Kandi for going to Bravo.


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See the text messages below.

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