Niecy Nash’s New Wife Did Not Influence Divorce To Ex Jay Tucker Says Source: They Were Having Issues For Awhile

Niecy Nash’s Wife Jessica Betts Reportedly Did Not Influence Divorce To Ex Jay Tucker

Niecy Nash recently announced her marriage to her wife, singer Jessica Betts, just 5 months after finalizing her divorce from her husband Jay Tucker.  Niecy Nash and Jay Tucker tied the knot in 2011, and announced their split in October of 2019. Niecy Nash filed for divorce in December of the same year.

With only a 5 month gap in between her two relationships, fans are wondering if there was any overlap, in the two marriages.  A source close to the couple who got married on August 29th, say that the pair have had a connection for “several” years and have always been very close, and enjoyed their time together during quarantine.

“The two have shared a special bond that blossomed into love.  The couple kept their relationship news to a select few and have been enjoying quarantine together.”

“They decided why wait to get married. The couple is excited about the future together.”

Jessica Betts reportedly did not influence her breakup with Jay Tucker, a source add that the two

“were having issues for a while.”

Although there is no official word on when Niecy Nash met her wife Jessica Betts, it was reported that the pair worked together on an episode of Claws. Jessica Betts also posted a half naked photo of Niecy Nash on her Instagram for her birthday in February of this year.

Niecy Nash shared a photo of her wedding day with Jessica Betts on her Instagram.  She added #LoveWins in the caption:

“Mrs. Carol Denise Betts ? @jessicabettsmusic#LoveWins”

Her celebrity friends commented, suggesting they’ve been waiting for her to make the relationship it Instagram official.

Jessica Betts also shared the photo with the caption:

“I got a whole Wife”

Niecy Nash filed for divorce from her now ex-husband, Jay Tucker, in December. She announced their separation on Instagram.

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Authored by: Demi Lobo