Fat Joe Defends Remy Ma Amidst Assault Drama W/ Brittney Taylor: Be Aware Of The Clout Chase!

Fat Joe Defends Remy Ma Amidst Assault Drama W/ Brittney Taylor: Be Aware Of The Clout Chase!

As the drama surrounding Love & Hip Hop stars Remy Ma and Brittney Taylor intensifies, one of Remy’s closest friends, fellow rapper Fat Joe, is coming to her defense—and subtly slamming Taylor in the process.

Within the last few weeks the drama involving Remy Ma and Brittney Taylor has quickly gone from Internet fodder to potentially serious legal ramifications—as Remy was officially charged with misdemeanor assault for allegedly punching Taylor in the eye after a verbal altercation.

Remy Ma, Brittney Taylor

In the latest update, Remy posted the $1,500 bail after turning herself in, while the judge in the case has set an 8P.M. curfew for her and put a protective order in place forbidding her from contact with Taylor. Meanwhile, Taylor’s mother and her attorneys held a press conference addressing the case and discussed their stance against violence in the black community.

Brittnay Taylor’s attorney Sanford Rubenstein with her mother Karen Taylor and community activists from the Stop The Violence Foundation & The Black Institute.

Now, Remy’s long-time friend and frequent collaborator Fat Joe, has broken his silence on the incident courtesy of a lengthy post on social media that shows his support of Remy while shading Taylor at the same time.

Fat Joe’s post read:

“Family First PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE beware of the CLOUT CHASE is this Country truly ready for rehabilitation, are we truly FORGIVING. Do we really believe in SECOND CHANCES here we have a woman who did her time came home and has been a Model Citizen the only time she’s out her house is to work or in this case Donating her time with a FREE performance for CANCER RESEARCH. In a World that Continues to show Madness and Division in Families on T V here we see LOVE and Unity the woman’s been the most Flawless Parolee EVER never has had a Curfew Violation has been Drug tested time and time again not once has Violated. The question i ask is are we truly ready for Second Chances there were maybe thirty to forty Cops at the Cancer Charity Event  not one saw ANY altercation in a world of everything is on CAMERA there’s no footage of any incident hmmmmmmmmmmmmm PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE beware of the CLOUT CHASE my sister will be just fine THIS TOO SHALL PASS God is Great @remyma @papoosepapoose i love you and i will be by your side 4 life”

Remy maintains her innocence, stating through her attorney that at the time of the alleged assault she was home and can prove it.

However, Taylor’s attorney released a statement addressing the seriousness of the matter:

“This arrest demonstrates how serious this matter is, it is real life and not reality TV entertainment. The victim Brittney Taylor has confidence in our system of justice and will continue to fully cooperate with the authorities.”

Remy Ma is scheduled to report to court later this month.

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Authored by: Danielle Jennings