Nipsey Hussle Memorial Shut Down After Bootleggers Caught Trying To Make Money

Nipsey Hussle Memorial Shut Down

Nipsey Hussle’s fans and family kept his legacy going by turning the parking lot of his The Marathon store in South L.A. into a memorial for the late rapper. Now, his team is reportedly shutting it down after bootleggers were caught trying to earn a profit from fans who were paying their respects. Fans initially showed their support for Hussle by establishing a memorial in the parking lot with photos, notes, pictures and candles.

Nipsey Hussle

But the purpose of the memorial was ultimately lost in the crossfire as people sold apparel with Hussle’s face on it and requested money for a tour of the neighborhood. Some went as far as charging fans to see the exact spot where Hussle was gunned down. His team decided to close it after realizing the lack of respect for the memorial. There’s no word on if it will be replaced, but his family does plan on launching a foundation in his honor.

This isn’t the first time bootleggers tried to make money off of Hussle’s passing. People were caught trying to sell tickets to his celebration of life ceremony last month.

Hussle was shot and killed in the parking lot of the store on March 31.

Police have the suspect, Eric Holder, in custody.

Nipsey Hussle, Eric Holder

Hussle opened The Marathon store back in 2017 in an effort to give back to his community.

Continued prayers for Nipsey Hussle’s family, friends and fans.


Authored by: Char Patterson