Offset – Warrant Out For His Arrest After Smacking Fan’s Cell Phone

Offset – Warrant Out For His Arrest After Smacking Fan’s Cell Phone

Offset’s phone-slamming incident in Target has turned into a warrant for the rapper’s arrest. As previously reported, a fan spotted Offset in Target in Sandy Springs, Ga. and said, “What up Offset.”  Offset walked up to him and reportedly slapped his phone out of his hand. The fan’s mother posted the incident on Twitter. She wrote,

“This is how reacted when my son saw him at target. When he wanted to take a video of the rapper he smashed his phone out of his hand”

The mother later added,

“in case you wanted to see a slightly longer version of you breaking my high school sons phone. He loved your music and he wasn’t even in your face with a camera.

She then called out Offset for bullying her son.

Reports also said the rapper told the boy to get the phone out of his face. Ultimately, the mom said Offset broke the screen and wanted him to replace it. He hasn’t responded to news of that yet, but in the meantime, police are looking for him as it relates to the incident, according to reports.


At the same time, Offset is facing a felony gun charge after being caught with a weapon in a traffic stop last summer.

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