Usher – Multi Million Herpes Lawsuit Against Him By Laura Helm Officially Dismissed

Usher – Multi Million Herpes Lawsuit Against Him By Laura Helm Officially Dismissed

Legendary R&B superstar Usher can breathe a sigh of relief, as his long-standing legal case involving a woman who accused him of giving her herpes, has officially been dismissed…for the second time.

For the last few years, Usher has been quietly dealing with the on again/off again lawsuit filed by Laura Helm, who sued him after allegedly claiming he gave her herpes after a sexual encounter between the two. Helm initially filed her lawsuit back in 2017 for $10 million, but that apparently wasn’t enough at the time because she then increased the amount to $20 million. A few months later she dismissed the case for unspecified reasons, only to refile it again in 2018.


Now, the case has come to an end permanently. According to reports, Helm recently filed to dismiss her lawsuit for the final time because she and Usher have

“reached an amicable resolution.”

This likely means that they reached some sort of settlement that they both agreed on.

Attorneys for Usher and Helm wouldn’t divulge any details, only stating that things involving the decision were “amicable.” The dismissal of Helm’s lawsuit was filed with prejudice, which means that it can’t be refiled under any circumstances—as is generally the outcome when a financial settlement is reached.

Meanwhile, Usher is hard at work these days. Not only is he working on his highly-anticipated forthcoming album, which he’s been teasing on social media for months, but he is rumored to also be starring in the upcoming Jennifer Lopez stripper revenge film, Hustlers. 

Authored by: Danielle Jennings