Snoop Dogg Wants To Know If The Gucci Boycott Is Over, “Is The Ban Off Or Not?” [VIDEO]

Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg Wants To Know If The Gucci Boycott Is Over, “Is The Ban Off Or Not?” [VIDEO]

It’s been a few months since multiple celebrities boycotted luxury fashion brand Gucci after the company received backlash for selling what many deemed to be a racist sweater mimicking blackface. However, at this year’s Met Gala many black celebs were rocking Gucci’s collaboration with legendary designer Dapper Dan. This move has prompted rapper/actor Snoop Dogg to question if the boycott is over or not.


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wow can’t believe dapper dan the king himself dressed me I feel like ace when he left the cleaners…@fatima the ?

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This year’s Met Gala featured designs by some of the biggest names in fashion, including the heavily-criticized brand Gucci, whose collaboration with Dapper Dan showed up on a number of celebrities attending the event this year, such as Ashley Graham, Regina Hall, 21 Savage, Karlie Kloss and Bevy Smith.


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#MetGala 2019.

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Apparently, Snoop Dogg noticed the heavy Gucci presence at the Met Gala, which led him to post a video to his Instagram page questioning if the boycott is still in effect or if it’s cool to wear the brand again.

Snoop had this to say:

“I seen some n***as wearing Gucci the other day, so is the ban off or not? Ya’ll gotta let me know ‘cause I got a whole bunch of s**t in here I ain’t gave away yet. N***as wearing Gucci again or not? ‘Cause ya’ll ain’t say nothing about them n***as that had it on the other night. If I wear it ya’ll gon’ talk s**t? You n***as is somethin’ else wit these bans cuz. Let me know when the ban is officially off.”

After the extreme backlash that Gucci faced, they quickly put measures in place to correct things and implement more means for diversity—this included bringing on legendary designer Dapper Dan to help work with black designers within the brand and assist in fostering a diversity initiative.

This is likely one of the reasons many black celebs were rocking the Gucci + Dapper Dan collab at this year’s Met Gala.

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Authored by: Danielle Jennings