Clermont Twins Reject Sugar Daddy Offer: We’ve Learned Our Lesson! 

Clermont Twins Reject Sugar Daddy Offer: We’ve Learned Our Lesson!

The Clermont Twins want nothing to do with the Sugar Baby business after Shannade Clermont was sentenced to one year in prison for wire fraud. But that doesn’t mean offers from sugar daddies have stopped pouring in! The “Bad Girls Club” alums modeled their signature matching blonde wigs on Instagram with the following caption:

“I don’t give a f*ck what people think because people don’t think – YE #clermonttwins #money #verymuchsomething”

Meanwhile, a follower made the identical sisters an offer that they immediately refused! Instagram user @josh.av2014 commented:

“Hello, I’m Mr Alvero Joshua I’m a Sugar Daddy, looking for a new baby, I was hoping you might be interested”

The girls quickly responded, hinting that they’ve learned their lesson from their recent incident:

“SORRY SIR, already doing time for this. BUH BYE”

Prosecutors say Shannade Clermont was having a “prostitution date” with a man in his apartment in 2017, where he was later found dead of a drug overdose. She plead guilty to stealing his debit card information and purchasing thousands dollars worth of clothing, flights, and, oddly enough, creating profiles on bestiality websites.

The Clermont Twins

The Clermont Twins didn’t let their clapback spree stop there. They proceeded to get several other followers together.

Perhaps their caption is referring to their controversial new sets of lips.

This video of the twins checking on the progress of their fillers is circulating online.

Written by Miata Shanay

Authored by: Miata Shanay