Mo’Nique Says She Is NOT Celebrating Steve Harvey & Lee Daniels Shows Being Canceled

Mo’Nique Speaks On Steve Harvey Losing His Shows

As the industry is still reeling from the news that former daytime talk show host Steve Harvey has been replaced on not one, but two of the shows he formerly hosted, many online commenters have suggested that Harvey is merely receiving karma for how he treated former friend, comedienne Mo’Nique. Surprisingly, in her latest podcast, Mo’Nique didn’t celebrate Harvey’s current situation, instead she defended him.

In the span of a few days, Steve Harvey lost his daytime television gig, when his self-titled talk show was officially cancelled in favor of former American Idol winner Kelly Clarkson’s first foray into daytime TV—and he was replaced as the host of NBC’s Little Big Shots in favor of actress Melissa McCarthy.

Steve Harvey, Melissa McCarthy

Now, one of his harshest critics has taken a decidedly more compassionate stance to his current situation than many expected—none other than controversial actress/comedienne Mo’Nique.

If you’ll recall, earlier this year Mo’Nique and Harvey got into an incredibly heated argument that almost allegedly got physical when she appeared on his talk show to discuss her beefs within the entertainment industry involving Oprah Winfrey, Lee Daniels, Tyler Perry and Netflix.

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In the latest episode of her podcast with her husband, Mo’Nique discussed why we as a culture tend to celebrate each other’s failure. This naturally led to Harvey and the online comments that have seemed to do exactly that in the wake of his current professional situation.

Speaking on the memes and comments she’s seen regarding Harvey, Mo’Nique said:

“Some of the memes I’ve been getting have been almost celebratory, have been celebratory. Where people say, ‘that’s what his a** get, yeah, yeah Mo, see?’ Let me be clear about something, let us be clear about something. We do not celebrate what appears to be someone else’s demise. We do not stand and applaud and say, ‘yeah look what’s happening, that’s what you get.’ That’s not where we’re coming from. That’s not the stance we’ve ever taken. So, what I would ask ya’ll to do, is we gotta love our folks through it. We gotta love then through it. And I know some people would say, ‘Mo’Nique is crazy ‘cause one minute she saying he didn’t do her right, the next minute she saying love him through it.’ Let me tell you what we’re saying.”

Steve Harvey

She continued, discussing her relationship with Harvey and also the celebratory reaction to Lee Daniels’ shows, Empire and Star being cancelled:

“Steve Harvey, I’ve considered him my friend. Now, maybe he didn’t consider me his friend, but I’ve always considered him my friend. And as my friend, when we came out and said what was going on, it wasn’t to put my friend down, it was to say ‘this is what it is, this is what’s happening.’ When it comes to brother Lee Daniels [people saying], ‘yeah that’s what his a** get Mo, see karma is a b**ch.’ All of that. I don’t celebrate my brother Lee Daniels getting those shows cancelled because what I want us to think about is when those shows get cancelled, I can’t celebrate Lee Daniels being cancelled because so many other people are involved that lose their jobs. That, some people, when they lose those jobs, bills doesn’t get paid, their situations and things that happen because you’re used to making that money and now it’s being taken away. And some of us are standing up saying ‘yay!’ If we continue to do that, we’ll continue to be treated the way that we’re treated.”

Mo’Nique, Lee Daniels

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Authored by: Danielle Jennings