Wendy Williams Is Officially Friends W/ Blac Chyna: She Really Had An Impact On Me, We Have A Lot In Common! 

Wendy Williams Is Officially Friends W/ Blac Chyna: She Really Had An Impact On Me, We Have A Lot In Common!

Is Wendy Williams turning a new leaf? The soon-to-be-divorcee has gone from dishing the dirt on celebrities, to befriending them! She recently revealed that she’s become fast friends with sexy reality TV star/model, Blac Chyna, after hitting it off during their interview.

She says that Chyna was nervous about the interview, and while striking up an icebreaker conversation, she invited her out.

“You know who I’ve casted as a new friend? Blac Chyna!…I like Angela…she was nervous coming in. She was shaking and everything, so I thought, ‘I have to be the one to break the ice.’ I said to her, ‘Do you wanna exchange numbers?’ She said, ‘Yeah.’ I said, ‘Do you wanna go out tonight?’ She said, ‘Yeah!'”

Wendy Williams says that Blac Chyna isn’t the person we think she is.

“She really had an impact on me, and I think that she had one on you, too. I thought that she was one way, and you did, also. You see the butt and the beauty, and you don’t know her – but you know that she has 15 million Instagram followers. And you see the half naked pictures with men, and we just buy into it because we don’t know…it just didn’t match the person that I met yesterday. Who I met, and I think who you saw, is a really sweet girl and a businesswoman.”

The ladies even posed for an usie while out on their dinner date! “Wendy Show” DJ, DJ Boof, snapped this photo of them on their outing.

Apparently, Wendy and Chyna have a lot in common. She gushed about Rob Kardashian‘s ex-fiance.

“So, in my new life, I’ve casted her as my new friend – and we went out last night! She’s so sweet. So we went out, and we had a great time…we went for dinner, actually. I hosted her! So I picked her up and dropped her off…and we went back to my favorite Mediterranean restaurant, and we ate. Chyna and I have so much in common, it’s ridiculous! We ordered the same thing, we ordered the lambchops, and she was like, ‘Oh my gosh, Wendy. You ordered lambchops. Do you like hot sauce?’ And I said, ‘Yes!’ And I said, ‘Do you like mint jelly rather on your lambchops? But they don’t have it here!’ She said, ‘Yes!’ We had so much in common! Like, regular-cool girl-in common.”

Wendy Williams grew emotional while describing how it felt to watch her college-aged son, Kevin, see her having fun.

Aww! Everyone needs a good girlfriend to help get them through tough times!

Written by Miata Shanay

Authored by: Miata Shanay