Yung Miami Reacts To Rapper Dajsha Doll’s Claims That The ‘CFWM’ Rapper Stole Her Lyrics: ‘I Never Heard Of You Or Your Song…You Could’ve Reached Out To Me’

Yung Miami, Dajsha Doll

Yung Miami Reacts To Rapper Dajsha Doll’s Claims That The ‘CFWM’ Rapper Stole Her Lyrics: ‘I Never Heard Of You Or Your Song…You Could’ve Reached Out To Me’

Update (April 10, 2024 2:45 p.m. ET): Yung Miami has a message for Dajsha Doll after the up-and-coming rapper accused the City Girls star of stealing her lyrics. Yung Miami responded after Dajsha Doll went on a rant via her Instagram Story on Wednesday (April 10), and said, 

“Yung Miami you might as well come to the hood and come catch this fade b*tch… I want my fade, b*tch. Either you come and get your *ss beat or you cuttin’ me a check. B*tches career so far down the drain b*tches need inspiration.”

She later added,

“All you industry b*tches look up to me.”

Yung Miami jumped in the comments of The Neighborhood Talk’s post about Dajsha Doll’s new video and wrote,

“I’m from the hood to been in the hood my whole life just recently got out the hood. I look good without fillers/filters. I never heard of you or your song b4 this situation & you could’ve reached out to me or handle this differently. & if you inspire ppl that should inspire you to keep going and not want to fight be blessed and let me enjoy my release day uggghhhhhh!!!!”

Dajsha Doll shared a video

Original Story (April 10, 2024 11:45 a.m. ET): Yung Miami is being called out by one of her lesser-known colleagues.

Rising rapper Dajsha Doll recently accused the Act Up rapper of stealing some of her song lyrics, which she says were used in the Florida native’s new single “CFWM”.

Dajsha Doll made the claim on social media after Yung Miami, real name Caresha Brownlee, dropped her latest solo record earlier today (Wednesday, April 10th). Dajsha Doll shared a video of herself rapping a lyric from her own song:

“I’ll go live right now without a f*cking filter”

Yung Miami also raps the phrase in “CFWM.”

Addressing the issue, Dajsha Doll first tagged Yung Miami on X, formerly known as Twitter, writing:

“if my line in yo song and you ain’t given me credit just know im on that one type of time”

She added in a follow-up message to Instagram:

“IAH [In All Honesty] you back to yo old face before the surgery… you might as well catch the flight to the hood and come catch this fade … career down the drain can’t come up wit yo own sht so you joc me you was better off just saying you ah DajshaDoll fan cause EVERYBODY know where that line come from … at this point round these industry [h*es] UP !! you btches to [sic] inspired and im not flattered”

Dajsha Doll

In the comment section of The Neighborhood Talk’s post about the controversy, Dajasha Doll doubled down on her message of getting physical with Yung Miami over the line, adding:

“run me my fade or yo career so far down the drain you can’t come up with nothing original … RUN MY FADE”

Yung Miami

It doesn’t appear Yung Miami has responded to Dajsha Doll’s accusations yet. She has, however, shared her fans quoting the line several times on her X account.

Do you think Yung Miami is guilty of stealing Dajsha Doll’s lyrics? Let us know in the comments below! 

Authored by: Kay Johnson