Kylie Jenner Throws Lavish Skate Party for “Kylie Skin” Launch

Kylie Jenner Throws Lavish Skate Party for “Kylie Skin” Launch

If the Kardashian/Jenner crew can’t do anything else, they know how to host a party! Aside from extravagant birthday parties for their little ones, they throw lavish launch parties for their businesses. The billionaire baby sister, Kylie Jenner, threw a star-studded skate party last night (5/21/19) for the launch of her new skin care line, Kylie Skin. She announced the launch earlier this month with an Instagram post.

The line was immediately met with criticism after Kylie advertised that her walnut face scrub – an exfoliant – was safe for everyday use. Estheticians and skin care gurus immediately slammed the advice.

Despite the backlash, the launch party was a success! The pink-themed skate party perfectly matched the Kylie Skin packaging.

Even the food, which was a menu of Kylie’s favorites, were dyed pink, or in pink packaging. The cheese fries, cupcakes, Top Ramen, and fruit juices were all the varied shades of bubblegum pink!

And we can’t forget the guests! Kylie Jenner’s family and friends all showed up in pink attire to support their baby.

Kylie Skin launches here today (5/22/19) at 9AM PST.

Written by Miata Shanay

Authored by: Miata Shanay