Nene Leakes Reacts To Tyra Banks Allegedly Wanting To Ban Her From ‘DWTS’: I Thought You & I Were Cool Girl

Nene Leakes, Tyra Banks

Nene Leakes Reacts To Tyra Banks Allegedly Wanting To Ban Her From ‘DWTS’: I Thought You & I Were Cool Girl

Nene Leakes has a few words for Tyra Banks after reports claimed the supermodel didn’t want her and a host of other “Real Housewives” stars to compete on “Dancing With The Stars.”

It was previously reported that an insider said:

“Tyra Banks has never been a fan of the Housewives, but the real reason she doesn’t want them on her show is that Bethenny Frankel, NeNe Leakes and Teresa Giudice do not make headlines anymore.”

They added:

“Tyra wants reality stars like Carole Baskin from Tiger King— not a decade-old franchise that no one talks about anymore. If Tyra thought for one minute that the Housewives would get her show ratings, she would welcome them to the dance floor in a second.”

“Tyra is the new boss and made it clear that she didn’t want any more Housewives in her ballroom. She thinks the show needs to aim higher and only book the ladies after everyone else has passedSeveral ladies from the Bravo franchise have already made it clear that they would love to put on their dancing shoes, but Tyra doesn’t want any of them right now.”

Nene Leakes responded in a video and first pointed out that she’s already had her stint on “DWTS” before Tyra Banks came on as a host. She said:

“Tyra, I thought you and I were cool girl. I was on ‘Dancing With The Stars’ before you was. Okay?”

She then confirmed that Tyra Banks has an executive producer credit on the celebrity dance competition series before pointing out why she thinks ‘Housewives’ would be good for the show.

“I also think that, for real, this is no joke, but as a business person she should want to have people like ‘Housewives’ on the show because people are always talking about them, right? Then they can talk about them over on that platform and it be a good thing for both parties. But you know, I don’t know if she said it for sure, but just in case she did I just wanted to touch on that.”

“RHOA” star Porsha Williams also shared her thoughts on Dish Nation shortly after Tyra Banks’ allegedly made the comments.

Porsha Williams

She sarcastically asked,

“How will I survive without being on ‘DWTS’? I mean, ‘RHOA’ are only the highest-paid stars reality stars on television outside of the Kardashians. How will we survive? I don’t know.

She added that she and Tyra Banks were both on NBC’s “Celebrity Apprentice” together back in 2015.

“I love Tyra Banks. I was on ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ with Tyra Banks and I know she loves ‘Housewives’ and she loves some good ratings. So I don’t believe she said this.”

Tyra Banks has since shut down the reports. Her publicist told Page Six: 

“This is 100 percent untrue. She’s a huge fan of the ‘Housewives’ and everyone knows Tyra is a businesswoman first. As a businesswoman, why would she say anything against the ‘Housewives’? She has nothing to do with casting. [She] Just tried to get one of her really good friends on the ‘Housewives!’ She watches the shows. She loves them.”

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Authored by: Char Patterson