Coach Derek Fisher Vents About The Treatment Of WNBA Players

Coach Derek Fisher Vents About The Treatment Of WNBA Players 

Los Angeles Sparks head coach, Derek Fisher is opening up about how he feels WNBA players are treated unfairly. Over the weekend, his team won a over the Minnesota Lynx, 89-85, however, he feels as if they should be treated better by the sport. Fisher posted to his Instagram an image of the Sparks squad in a train station. He captioned it:

“So after a hard fought win on national television LA Sparks are right back to reality that these women are not being treated like the best athletes in the world!!”

After making his case for a better system for all WNBA players, several fans questioned the teams resources of flying on a private. One fans writes,

”WNBA has to make money and be profitable for private flights.. Hope the Interest comes.”

Las Vegas Aces’ player Elizabeth Cambage gives a little insight on how the leagues Collective Barraging Agreement (CBA) is set up for players in the WNBA.

“Actually most teams already have jets, and it would be cheaper for us to use them than fly commercial, but it’s in our CBA that we aren’t allowed to use them.”

With the notable difference in leagues, the WNBA consist of 12 teams around the country compared to over double of that in the NBA, with 30. According to Fobers, which backs up Coach Fisher’s claims, the gender difference hits the players pockets the most,

“The WNBA players are not being treated the same as their counterparts in the NBA. The NBA pays its players about 50% of league revenue. It appears, when we look at what we know about WNBA revenue and salaries, that the league’s players are receiving less than 25% of the revenue. And that percentage appears to be shrinking over time.“

To add, the wage percent is expected to continue to shrink over time.

“In other words, a significant gender wage gap exists in professional basketball — and it is growing.

Do you agree with Derek Fisher that there should be a change in how female athletes are treated? Let us know in the comments!

Authored by: Gregory Molette