Dwight Howard Reveals He’s Married To T’ea Cooper: She’s Been My Rock And My Foundation

Dwight Howard, Te’a Cooper

Dwight Howard Reveals He’s Married To T’ea Cooper: She’s Been My Rock And My Foundation

Dwight Howard has experienced extreme highs and lows in in the past several months.  The Los Angeles Lakers star is still floating on cloud 9 from winning the NBA championship last month but had to deal with the drama of his baby mama, Royce Reed, shortly thereafter.

But in a recent interview, the basketball player was all smiles as he discussed his life living with T’ea Cooper, whom he calls his wife.

Dwight Howard

When asked about how married life is, Dwight Howard goes on to say,
“You know what, I love it. I actually love it, you know it’s uh, new for me. Um, you know I had never had a situation like that. Um, but you know I’m very happy and I think uh, it’s really just brought more peace more happiness. Um, but also it just changed my life you know?”
He continued,
“When you have a really great woman behind you on your side you know it just seems to make everything better, so I’m very grateful uh for her, and you know how she’s uh you know just been like my rock and my foundation.”
Dwight Howard sparked rumors of his engagement with T’ea Cooper in April 2019 after she posted a photo wearing a huge rock on her finger.  In the comment, Dwight Howard responded to a fan asking,
“y’all engaged”
He responded,
But now, according to Howard, the two are actually married.  He continued to gush over his wife, saying,
“We definitely enjoy each other’s company, uh she pushes me to be a greater person and uh you know I just try to you know push her, you know to reach new heights and you know she’s doing such an amazing job.” 
He concluded that the two
“Work out together, eat together, cook together, pray together. Uh we try to do as much things as we can together and uh it’s really good, you know.”

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Authored by: Robin Ayers