Rapper Boosie Badazz Accuses American Airlines Of Being Racist: I Hope Y’all Plane Crash & Burn!

Lil’ Boosie Accuses American Airlines Of Being Racist: I Hope Y’all Plane Crash & Burn!

Louisiana rapper Boosie (real name Torrence Hatch Jr.), 36, took his frustration out on American Airlines after having issues during a flight over the weekend. In a lengthy social media post, Boosie refers to an American Airlines to a plethora of derogatory names, for not allowing him and his children to board his flight. He says,

“The man who just refused to let me get on the plane with my kids IS a b*tch ass hater. If I ever see you again I’m go spit n yo fucking face you b*tch ass hater. The captain told you that we could be let on but you did not want us on because of your jealousy towards me. I MISS MY F*CKING POOL PARTY YOU B*TCH ASS H*E .”

Boosie BadAzz

He continues his rant defending his kids after he says the AA rep had a horrible attitude.

“You jealous, broke ass, p*ssy ass, b*tchass faggot. You deserve a bullet and yo f*cking face you h*e ass RACIS B*TCH. You look like a b*tch ass mf. I BET YO KIDS suffer because of yo p*ssy ass. I BET THEY HUNGRY now cause of yo p*ssy ass. I HOPE I catch yo b*tch ass out this airport one day you f*ck nigga.

He continues,

How did GOD let yo b*tch ass live so long ? American Airlines is a f*ck ship, THEY ALWAYS DELAYED, THE PLANES ALWAYS SHAKING, FIRST CLASS TREATMENT IS BULLSH*T. THEY BARELY HAVE TVS ON THIS BULLSH*T ASS PLANE AND THEY HIGH AS F*CK. DO NOT RIDE AMERICAN AIRLINES because you will not get to your destination on time and the people that wor for this wack ass airline company have horrible attitudes. THEY RUDE ASS F*CK and this black b*tch don’t even try n help a n*gga after seeing this man f*cked over me n my kids. SAD ASS BLACK UGLY B*TCHES.”

Things got ugly during his rant as Boosie wished death on the AA rep.

“I hope THIS N*GGA HATER have a head on collision and die coming from your airport job WITH YOUR pregnant wife and the car, you P*SSY. I HOPE YOU B*TCHES N THESE PLANES CRASH AND BURN.”

The rapper ended his message stating,

“I see you and da streets p*ssy crash n burn h*es n if anybody got a problem with what I said SUCK MY D*CK see me n the streets n say something.”

The airlines has not responded to Boosie’s claims of racism or being told not to board. The following day, Boosie was forced to cancel his show in Memphis, Tennessee. He announced on Instagram on Sunday saying,

“This gotta be one of the worst weekends in my life.”

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Authored by: Gregory Molette