David Ortiz – Police ID Man Who Allegedly Hired Hit On Him, Gang Leader José Eduardo ‘Chunky’ Ciprián

David Ortiz, “Chunky”

David Ortiz – Police ID Man Who Allegedly Hired Hit On Him, Gang Leader Named José Eduardo ‘Chunky’ Ciprián

Authorities in the Dominican Republic are convinced the person who wanted former MLB star David Ortiz dead is gang leader José Eduardo ‘Chunky’ Ciprián, 24.

José Eduardo ‘Chunky’ Ciprián

As previously reported, Ortiz was shot in the back while in the Dominican Republic on June 9.

While Chunky is currently in jail for an unrelated murder charge, prosecutors say he was the one who paid men $8,000 to shoot and kill Ortiz.

Ten other suspects have been named, some who are still at large, but Chunky is said to be the mastermind behind it all as he allegedly instructed the plan over the phone with a man named Alberto Miguel Rodriguez Mota. Another man, Gabriel Alexander Perez Vizcaino allegedly gave him the phone while Chunky was behind bars. That’s reportedly how Chunky told Mota to pay the men to shoot Ortiz. Apparently, seven men and one of their wives carried out the plan.

David Ortiz

Documents reveal that a man in prison, allegedly Chunky, contacted Perez to do the hit a week before. He sent Perez a photo of the target for Perez to show the hit men. Perez is accused of then sharing the picture with the men moments before the shooting. Perez also allegedly sold an iPhone 6 for $180 to cover his tracks, but authorities say he was having legit issues with the phone.

On the day of the shooting, a number of men were spotted in two grey Hyundai cars close to the bar where Ortiz was later shot. Two of those men got on motorcycles and got closer to the bar while the alleged shooter, Rolfy Ferreyra Cruz, walked to the venue. He ran after pulling the trigger. The motorcycle driver, Eddy Garcia, was caught by bystanders in the bar.

It’s not clear why he would want the ex-Boston Red Sox player dead. But there has been speculation that Ortiz was sleeping with his wife. Interestingly enough, Ortiz was also connected to a model from the Dominican Republic, who allegedly fought another woman in the hospital where Ortiz was receiving treatment after the shooting. Swipe to see the video.


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It hasn’t been confirmed if the mystery woman is Chunky’s wife. Meanwhile, Ortiz has been married to his wife, Tiffany, for 17 years.

David and Tiffany Ortiz


She shared a special message with him for Father’s Day Sunday.

“This Fathers Day brings with it a new appreciation for life and an awareness in what truly matters. This man, my husband, the father of our beautiful children has been the center of our universe for as long as we have been together (23years strong). It has been deeply felt that the outside world also acknowledges his presence as a father figure to all. Please celebrate this Papi’s Day with the ones you love. Be present in every moment, don’t get hung up on gifts, material things, titles, fame or fortune. Those things can be taken away in a moments notice and all we are left with is the memories of the moments we truly connected and grounded ourselves in true love ?? “#PapisDay #Fathersday#surroundyourselveswithreallove#groundyourselfinnature#connectwithgod#allwehaveisthepresentmoment#familyovereverything#weallhaveapurposeinlife#iambeyondgrateful#pleasekeepPapiinyourprayers ???”

Ortiz is currently recovering in Massachusetts General Hospital’s ICU.

Prayers for David Ortiz and his recovery!

Authored by: Char Patterson