Apollo Nida’s Fiancee Says He’s The Best Father To Her Daughter, Slams Media Over Fake News

Apollo Nida’s Fiancee Says He’s The Best Father To Her Daughter, Slams Media Over Fake News

Apollo Nida’s future wife Sherien Almufti is still holding him down while he’s back in jail. She gave him a special Father’s Day shout out via Instagram Sunday. She shared a memory of when she recently picked him up from prison and revealed that he asked to call his children before he did anything else. Nida is father to sons Ayden, 9,and Dylan, 6, from his previous marriage to former The Real Housewives of Atlanta cast member Phaedra Parks.

Phaedra Parks with sons Ayden and Dylan Nida

Almufti also commended Nida for being a father to her own daughter. She wrote,

“To the love of my life…. When I picked you up, the FIRST thing you wanted to do, was call your children. What a beautiful thing to witness, they were sooo happy to hear from you ???? Baby, it takes a certain type of man to be the father figure of a child that isn’t your own. I thank you for being the best daddy #princess ever had. One day they will all be in your arms and you will NEVER let go! ??Happy Father’s Day  #freeapollo#prayingforyoualways#continuetobestrong #family #lovewins

The day before, Almufti blasted social media outlets for reporting what she says is “fake news” concerning Nida’s return to prison after he allegedly violated his probation.

Nida being back behind bars clearly hasn’t stopped their romance. His fiance said the two have definitely spoken since he’s been locked up again.

As previously reported, Nida is back in jail after being accused of violating his probation. He had just been released earlier this month and sent to a halfway house in Philadelphia after serving almost five years on his eight-year sentence. He pleaded guilty to racketeering and other charges back in 2014.

It’s not clear what condition of his release was violated, but reports say it was a technical rule that got authorities’ attention.

Meanwhile, Almufti said he didn’t violate his release.

Reportedly, he’ll stay in jail until October 2019.

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Authored by: Char Patterson