Tyrese Blurs Daughter’s Face While Sharing Sweet Birthday Message: The Courts Say I Can’t Post Any Photos! 

Tyrese Blurs Daughter’s Face While Sharing Sweet Birthday Message: The Courts Say I Can’t Post Any Photos!

Today, Tyrese celebrates his eldest daughter, Shayla‘s, 12th birthday in an interesting way. The singer and actor shares his daughter with ex wife, Norma Gibson, who he’s had a public custody battle with.

Tyrese with ex wife Norma Gibson & daughter Shayla

As we previously reported, according to court order, the “Fast and the Furious” star is prohibited from posting Shayla on his social media pages. So, in celebration of her birthday, he posted photos with his daughter’s face blurred! Tyrese’s lengthy caption read:

“@tyrese Let me get out the way early……. I have a court order in place that says I can’t post any pics with my daughter…… I’m almost sure every proud father out there don’t realize how lucky they are that they can post every proud moment that have of their daughters….. This post might cost me in the end but my daughter just turned 12 today and I’m just jumping for joy cause she’s my first born… She’s so smart, she’s so powerful and mature…. She’s so kind to everyone and curious about everything…. She’s such a great big sister and she told me the other day that her greatest gift is being my daughter and a big sister……..”

He continued:

“Happy Birthday SHAYLA GIBSON!!! You have changed my life forever and ever…… ps to the women’s USA winning team you have done SO much for my daughters confidence not only did you win… But you’re winning form ALL of the statements you’re making! Shayla loves soccer and your win has taken her love for the game into new heights! #ProudFather…. My father wasn’t there for me…. Over the years I’m overly committed myself to being present and being a father…. That’s truly how you #BreakTheCycle”

Tyrese and Shayla’s mother, Norma, divorced in 2009, while he tied the knot with Samantha Lee-Gibson in 2017. They welcomed a baby girl, Soraya Lee Gibson, in 2018.

Tyrese & wife Samantha

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Written by Miata Shanay

Authored by: Miata Shanay