Tyrese Gibson Explains Why He Doesn’t Post Older Daughter On Social Media

Tyrese, Daughter Shayla Gibson

Tyrese Gibson Explains Why He Doesn’t Post Daughter On Social Media

Tyrese Gibson and his wife Samantha Lee kicked off the month of October in a special way. During the birth of their newborn daughter, the actor stood by his wife’s side, as he shared his experience with birth via Instagram; revealing his wife endured labor for 30 hours.

The “Fast & Furious” franchise actor was caught on video sharing some positive affirmations with his new daughter. He can be heard saying,

Your name is Soraya Lee Gibson. The Lord Jesus Christ is your savior. Your mother, your mother is one of the strongest women in the World. You are an angel and I’m going to protect you for the rest of my life. Forever. I love you. You’re a champion. You’re pure. You’re beautiful. You’re a gift. You’re going to change things.

Tyrese & wife Samantha

Soraya is not Tyrese’s first child. In a previous marriage, Tyrese also conceived another daughter named Shayla Gibson. According to a court order, the actor is not allowed to share photos of his daughter on the Internet or on social media platforms. Over the weekend, a user questioned why Tyrese was inconsistent when it came to sharing photos and videos of his other daughter. The user wrote,

I hope his other daughter still feels this type of love. Should be enough for all your babies.

Tyrese with ex wife Norma Gibson & daughter Shayla

In response, Tyrese provided a detailed reason why his daughter doesn’t receive the same treatment when it comes to social media

Because of my court I can’t post photos or videos of my daughter Shayla…Believe me when I say…I have pics and videos of Shayla holding her sister Soraya that would blow people’s mind but I just can’t post…. No worries this will all change soon…God is up to something….

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Authored by: Andre Palmer