R. Kelly – More Than 20 Sex Tapes Feature Singer & Underage Girls

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R. Kelly – More Than 20 Sex Tapes Feature Singer & Underage Girls

New details have surfaced surrounding R. Kelly’s latest arrest. After facing (and denying) accusations that he’s been involved with underage women for decades, some former and even current members of his staff have reportedly helped federal officers unearth more than 20 sex tapes alleggedly featuring the singer and underage girls.

The attorney for Joycelyn Savage’s family and others, Gerald Griggs, revealed that the federal investigation in the Northern District of Illinois included tapes that display underage girls as the disgraced singer’s former staff, and some that still work for him, confirmed the footage. Those tapes are what lead to Kelly being arrested earlier this week. He’s now being charged with 13 counts including child pornography.

This comes after a former worker testified that Kelly recorded footage of his sexual acts with minors and that officials had those tapes in their possession.

At the same time, Kelly has also been hit with 5 counts for racketeering and more in the Eastern District of New York.

While he’s been out on bail after getting arrested earlier this year for similar charges, prosecutors are hoping he can stay behind bars until his trial this time.

Interestingly enough, his ex-manager, Derrel McDavid and another former employee, Milton “June” Brown have also been charged in the Northern District of Illinois.

Court documents read that Kelly, McDavid and Brown are defendants in the case. It said Kelly,

“knowingly employ, use, pesuade, induce, entice, and coerce a minor, namely Minor 1, to engage in sexually explicit conduct for the purpose of producing a visual depiction of such conduct, namely, Video 1, and defendant knew or had reason to know that such visual depiction would be transported in interstate or foreign commerce or mailed, or such visual depiction was actually transported in interstate or foreign commerce or mailed.”

R. Kelly has adamantly denied all of the charges, especially during his interview with Gayle King in March.

Several women also came forward in Lifetime’s Surviving R. Kelly special that aired this January. They accused R. Kelly of various forms of abuse from physical, sexual, verbal and mental. Many of them were minors during their alleged encounters with him.

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