Lamar Odom Reflects On Putting Basketball Behind Him: I’m Going To Focus On My Family

Lamar Odom

Lamar Odom Reflects On Putting Basketball Behind Him: I’m Going To Focus On My Family

Former NBA player, Lamar Odom, 39, took to social media to announce a new journey in his life by putting basketball aside to focus on his family as he opens up a new chapter in his life. On Monday, the 2-time NBA champion reflects up on how the game of basketball has always been his emotional escape.

“As human beings, we often don’t realize that we are unconsciously following in the footsteps of our parents. They have been our school of life until adulthood, and beyond. I feel that we are living in a world that for many of us is an emotionally unhealthy world filled with baggage from our past that we often never think about. A world of unconsciousness. We think we live, but many of us we really don’t; we are on auto pilot.

He adds,

We are not even aware of this until conflict knocks down our doors. These moments or periods make us reflect back on ourselves. Who is really in control of my life? Me or my past? Have I become everything I hated? My beautiful escape from the pain of life has always been basketball. The first thing I did when I heard that my Mom passed away, was run to my childhood court in Lincoln park and escape there.”

Odom continues, touching on how his recent  departure from Ice Cube’s Big3 aided him to realize he needed to pull away from the game he once loved.

“Being deactivated from the Big 3 has made me realize that I can no longer depend on basketball to find emotional relief from the inevitable hurdles of life. I’ve made a decision to stop this time, reflect for real and not run away or escape – not into basketball or anything else.”

Lamar with his two kids

Odom ends his reflection by revealing he will end his career as a players while stepping up as a father.

“A door has closed and I am going to stay conscious enough while I build my next door. Together with my daughter Destiny and the mother of my children, Liza Morales, I am going to use this opportunity to connect to my children and break the cycle of my past. All three of us have been through extreme difficulties, individually and as a family, that we have not spoken about.

Lamar Odom

Odom on what’s next for his career,

I decided to have my team reach out to MicDrop, founded by Rosh Lowe, to help the 3 of us reconnect and heal. My story is far from uncommon but I have been blessed with a platform and a 2nd chance at life. The environment that I grew up in, did little to foster authentic communication. I know that I can do better; for myself, for my children and for the world. We all owe it to ourselves, to our children and to our families to do the same.”

As previously reported, the New York Best Selling author says he was extremely disappointed with how the Big3 announced his released without informing him or his team,

“As most of you have heard, the Big3 decided to deactivate me for the remainder of the 2019 season. I respect Ice Cube & the other league executives, however, I am extremely disappointed with the way that this has been handled. Besides the embarrassment, it’s disappointing to read on IG that this decision had been made, especially without sharing it with myself or my manager.”

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Authored by: Gregory Molette