Steph Curry Defends Wife After Backlash Over Milly Rock Video

Ayesha & Steph Curry

Steph Curry Defends Wife After Backlash Over Milly Rock Video

NBA star, Steph Curry always holds his queen down, even in the most awkward moments. This week, the wife of the 2-time NBA champion, Ayesha Curry, 30, was in good spirits after opening their fourth restaurant as she continues to expand her International Smoke empire. In a video, the author and mother of three took a moment to showcase her best Milly Rocky routine.

The clip went viral, with mixed social media reactions. Apparently, Steph caught wind of the criticism and defended her on social media. He stated,

“Slow news day today I see, huh? Just make sure y’all send me the video of you dancing at your own restaurant opening because we going to keep Milly rocking until that happens.”

Earlier today, Ayesha also went viral for her definition of what ‘Hot Girl Summer’ means. During an interview, she joked:

“I had to ask somebody the other day, ‘what is hot girl summer?’ But apparently there’s this song that’s right now by a girl group called City Girls and I guess they want the nation to embrace – all the women, and men – that way of being. It’s being your best self in your own skin and living your best life but in the summer.”

Check out a few reactions:

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Authored by: Gregory Molette