Irv Gotti Quits ‘Growing Up Hip Hop’ After Club Altercation: They Tried To Stage Beef & Pit My Kids Against Cast Members

Irv Gotti

Irv Gotti Quits ‘Growing Up Hip Hop’ After Club Altercation: They Tried To Stage Beef & Pit My Kids Against Cast Members

Irv Gotti is setting the record straight after a video of him and Ja Rule seeming to get kicked out of a club surfaced and went viral.

He first threw shots at 50 Cent, real name Curtis Jackson, who wasted no time in responding to the video and laughed at Ja Rule and Gotti for not being able to get inside the venue.

While 50 Cent has since deleted the clip, Gotti opens up about the entire situation, telling Quincy Harris during an interview:

“First of all, don’t believe Lucifer…Curtis… the devil is the king of lies. So Lucifer perpetuates lies. He perpetuated that we couldn’t get in SOBs.”

He then pointed blame at the producers and said they were shooting a scene for WeTV’s “Growing Up Hip Hop.”

“I haven’t gotten turned away from a club in at least 20 years. So that had nothing to do with it. We were shooting a reality show… we were shooting ‘Growing Up Hip Hop.’ And the producers of ‘Growing Up Hip Hop’ did a bad thing. That is now… I don’t wanna be on ‘Growing Up Hip Hop’ no longer.”

Irv Gotti

He continued and emphasized the past-tense of how he “had” great friends on the show.

“And I explained to them, ‘Yo I’m doing great. I got millions of dollars. I don’t wanna go on the show with my children and y’all perpetuate beef…. made up beef.'”

And according to him, that’s what the producers tried to do anyway. Gotti explained that producers tried to pin his daughter Angie against other co-stars.

“Early on in the season, they pitted Angie and started some beef. I immediately checked them and said we’ll stop doing the show. That’s not what my family’s about. I don’t wanna be beefing. I don’t care about a reality show that I need money where I’ll beef so I know that’s ratings.”

He said he talked to the producers for two hours about it, which lead to the season finale party that happened Thursday night. He said his children were there and he and Ja Rule’s kids were performing. But things went left.

Ja Rule

“It’s everything that ‘Growing Up Hip Hop’ is supposed to be… super positive. We get off stage, everyone’s smiling, happy. I’m over in the VIP section, they throw some girl on stage, I don’t know who she is. She gets on stage right after we leave and starts disrespecting Charli [Baltimore], me and Ja… causing that frenzy. So now I’m walking trying to see this girl who’s dissing us. Y’all wanna get active, let’s get active. I’m on 10. Which I told them, don’t do this. Me and Ja are great guys but if you spit in our face, we’re gonna spit back. We’re not the type ‘Oh I’m sorry…’ No. We’re gonna get volatile.”

He added that the camera crew was trying to film him so he pushed away a camera and hit a guy in the face. He said the girl who initially called them out on stage ran out crying,

“I’m sorry they made me do it!”

Gotti said things turned even uglier when the security touched Ja. 

“If you touch Ja, kill me, cause I’m coming. And security… truth be told, they didn’t want no smoke with us. It was a lot of yelling but they didn’t want no smoke. It was all a setup. And now I don’t wanna be on ‘Growing Up Hip Hop’ no more.”

He said he’s gone as far as talking to the head of AMC networks, which is above WeTV.

“I’m good. The little reality money… I don’t need it. I swear that I don’t. I’m gonna risk my whole life, my children’s life for ‘Growing Up Hip Hop’ because y’all wouldn’t just listen to me? I’m giving y’all a great show. Being here, talking, giving you all the beats that you want.’ But they were so, ‘We need the drama.’ Now they got it.”

He added that he doesn’t want his friends to see him as a “thug” or “in savage mode.”

“In so many levels, it’s not what I’m doing. It’s not what I’m about. It’s not what I signed up for. Remove me, and my family. I’ll never do reality again unless I’m producing it. I would never trust any producer for reality TV, never again.”

Check out the full clip below.

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