‘Love Is Blind’ Star Clay Gravesande Reveals That Coi Leray Is His Celebrity Crush: ‘I’m Really Feeling [Her]’

‘Love Is Blind’ Star Clay Gravesande Reveals That Coi Leray Is His Celebrity Crush: ‘I’m Really Feeling [Her]’

‘Love Is Blind’ phenomenon Clay Gravesande has his sights set on someone new!

If you haven’t heard, Clay Gravesande recently stopped by the ‘Big Homies House’ podcast and shared that he’s been secretly admiring rapstress Coi Leray.

Clay Gravesande

When asked to name his celebrity crush, Clay Gravesande told the hosts,

“You put me on the spot with that one. I feel like that changes all the time.”

However, the reality TV personality wasted no time following with the fact that Coi Leray has his attention… at the moment. He casually said:

“Right now… you know, it’s weird. I got a weird one! Coi Leray. I’m like… really feeling [her]. I’m really feeling Coi Leray right now.”

One of the female interviewers then added,

“She got that sex appeal.”

To which Gravesande seemingly agreed:

“Yeah… yeah… yeah.”

Coi Leray

Additionally, according to the boat company owner, he had all eyes on deck when it came to Coi Leray’s viral participation in fellow lyricists Megan Thee Stallion and GloRilla’s twerk challenge for their song, “Wanna Be.”

He furthered,

“I seen it!”

Smiling from ear to ear, Gravesande concluded:

“[If] anybody got a connection, let me know!”

The controversial TV star didn’t end it there, though. He later strengthened his #CrushingonCoi parade by commenting a “shot shooting” gif underneath the Instagram post of the adorable clip.

At this time, no word from Leray on whether she’s going to let this love linkup happen or not.

It appears that the 26-year-old has been on everyone’s radar lately. Earlier this week, famed boxer Adrien Broner popped into her Instagram Live and made it known that the “Twinnem” artist had his interest. But… unfortunately, she curved him on the spot.

Adrien Broner

The fight champ gushed,

“I’m on your body!”

Leray bluntly replied on the stream:

“Trying to bag me on an Instagram Live is f*cking crazy. Like… dead a**… get the f*ck on. Okay? Gone the f*ck [ahead], Okay? I’m not interested.”

Hopefully, Gravesande won’t get the same response. As you may know, the ‘Love Is Blind’ contestant isn’t necessarily on everyone’s ‘most-liked’ list.

He caused a huge fuss online after leaving his ex-fiancée, Amber ‘AD’ Smith, at the altar on the season finale of the Netflix series last month.

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Authored by: Ashley Blackwell