‘Love & Marriage’ Stars Melody And Martell Holt Get Into Verbal And Physical Altercation With Co-Star Latisha Scott, Her Mother Ms. Wanda, & Other Scott Family Members

Melody Holt, Martell Holt, Latisha Scott, Ms. Wanda

‘Love & Marriage’ Stars Melody And Martell Holt Get Into Verbal & Physical Altercation With Co-Star Latisha Scott, Her Mother Ms. Wanda & Other Scott Family Members

Violence allegedly ensued at a recent event where Love & Marriage Huntsville cast members Melody Holt, Martell Holt, Latisha Scott, and her mother Ms Wanda attended.

The stars of the OWN network reality series took to social media to recount the physical altercation. Seperate pieces of video footage seemingly shows things popping off on entrepreneur Melody Holt’s instagram feed. Via live video, Melody checks in with fans at an event where her co-star Latisha Scott is present with her mother, Ms. Wanda, apparently selling food and spices.

After Melody tells viewers she’s logging off for a few minutes, she returns with full blown chaos erupting. The reality star appears back on the video in a car, explaining why ex-husband Martell Holt can be heard screaming in the background. She stated:

“Martell was making his points and they [Scott’s] would overtalk him, they think they so smart. They think they can say so much.”

After a passenger sitting with Melody states that LAMH star Latisha Scott is now “getting into” the fight, which is only heard at this point, Melody continues:

“Let me tell y’all this right here one thing I’m gone say for certain and fasho….When it comes to my kids I don’t’ care who nobody is I ain’t playing about a got dang on thang when it comes to that,”

Melody Holt, Martell Holt, & Children

As the arguing gets louder off camera she continues:

“It sound like I need to get out here and handle a little mo’ business….Tell me somethin’, who jumps at somebody from the back? You come see me face to face.”

The TV personality is then heard frantically yelling her ex-husbands name repeatedly as things get physical. Before the live ends, Martell is seen tackling a suspected member of Latisha’s family. His family subsequently urges him to stop, reminding him his children are present.

Latisha’s mother Ms. Wanda gave her recount of the incident in her own live video. According to Ms. Wanda, Melody approached her heated after a comment was made that Melody didn’t like. Feeling “tried”, Ms. Wanda claims the two castmate engaged in a verbal argument before things allegedly turned physical.

After a viewer asked Ms. Wanda live who got hit during the incident, she laughs stating:

“She said she got scratches on her I guess her a** got hit.”

Alleging that Melody instigated the altercation, she continued:

“I don’t take people doing all that talking….I’m out there trying to sell my little food ya’ll….I treated her as a customer…. cause I love my brand. One thing you not gone do is tear my brand down. I’ll fight for my brand and that’s exactly what I did.”

Latisha Scott, Ms. Wanda

According to reports, Ms. Wanda has repeatedly made disparaging statements about Melody prior to their recent situation. Tension rose between the two after Melody and her once good friend Latisha ended their friendship, with Melody allegedly calling her castmate an “enemy”.

Ms. Wanda quickly came to her daughters defense, trashing Melody’s character in the process. She stated:

“To call my daughter your enemy. Girl, bye. Name one friend you got, Mel. Just name one friend that you have. First of all, you don’t know what an enemy is cause you got two biggest enemies that I’ve never heard you call your enemies. And that’s your ex-husband and the woman on the side. Your sister wife. Those are your enemies, sweetie.”

While Melody, Martell, nor Latisha have commented publicly about the altercation, the event will likely play out on the next season of the series.


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Authored by: Kay Johnson