Andre 3000 Spotted Playing Flute At Starbucks [VIDEO]

Andre 3000

Andre 3000 Spotted Playing Flute At Starbucks [VIDEO] 

Rapper Andre 3,000 (real name André  Benjamin), 44, was spotted again in public, serenading strangers with his indigenous double flute while in a Starbucks. In a video posted by a fan, a man who appears to be Andre can be seen wearing his signature all black sunglasses while wearing a backpack and matching Jordan’s. As the fan watched and listened, she wrote,

“I just saw Andre 3000 playing a flute in Starbucks how’s your Wednesday going?”

This isn’t the first or second time André has been out and about playing away with the same flute. Earlier this month he was spotted walking into a craft store carrying his instrument.

As previously reported, Andre’s flute is pretty special and historical. The Outkast rapper was first seen in June at the Los Angeles LAX airport as a radio producer by the name of, Antonia Cereijido, found out some interesting insight on his flute instrument.

Cereijido later tweeted she spoke with the maker of Andre’s instrument which comes from indigenous North Americans. She says in June,

“I just got off the phone with Guillermo Martinez the man who made Andres’s beautiful flute. It’s a Mayan double flute.

He and his shop are doing incredible work by keeping the music if indigenous North American communities alive. Here is his website:

After her tweet and sighting of Andre went viral, rapper Missy Elliott chimed into write,

“Amazing he so gifted!!!!!!”

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Authored by: Gregory Molette