Viral Star Andrew Caldwell Posts Disturbing Video Claiming He Was Robbed, Later Arrested Over Warrants

Andrew Caldwell mugshot

‘Delivert’ Andrew Caldwell Arrested On Warrants

Andrew Caldwell wasn’t “delivert” from a few arrest warrants against him. The social media superstar was reportedly arrested in St. Louis on previous warrants for speeding and failing to appear in court Thursday morning.

He was taken to the St. Louis Justice Center. It’s not clear what his bond is or if he’s been released. But what we do know is that he hasn’t been on social media since the arrest.

Moments before he was taken into custody, he went live on Instagram shirtless and said he had just been attacked and robbed. He said the man jumped in his car and started beating him. He refused to go to the hospital to get treatment for his injuries but told police,

“I just need to see him again.”

Still, according to reports, it was the warrants that got Caldwell locked up.

He was in much better spirits earlier that day when he shared an Instagram video.

While Caldwell is known for his social media posts and videos, his claim to fame was a proclamation that he was “delivert” from homosexuality back in 2014.

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Authored by: Char Patterson