YG Releases “Still Brazy” Video

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Rapper YG (born Keenon Jackson) recently dropped his video for the single, “Still Brazy”. The single is off his new album “Still Brazy” and was produced by Ty Dolla Sign & DJ Swish. In the video, he
showcases his colorful Westside lifestyle and rhymes:

Look at my life
Been through it all, got bullet wounds twice
Still don’t know where it came from, yikes
(Why everybody want a piece of my pie?)
I, I, gotta keep guns with me
Shit real, I ain’t tryna be pretty
Paranoia got this Henny in my kidney
‘Cause I don’t know if they’re with me or against me
They always said this was how it’s gon’ be
But me, I ain’t wanna believe
They don’t wanna see a nigga with the green
The reason for the 40 cal with the beam
The devil’s on me, got me trippin’
I used to party out with Scotty like Pippen
Now I don’t trust niggas, and I stopped invitin’ bitches
Over to the crib, they can’t know where I’m livin’

Check out the video below.

Currently, YG is on the “Endless Summer Tour” with fellow rappers Logic, G-Eazy, and Yo Gotti.

Authored by: Kellie Williams