Mother Of John Singleton’s Youngest Son Says She Was Accused Of Child Abuse, Claims Another Baby Mama Set Her Up

John Singleton, Rayvon Jones

Mother Of John Singleton’s Son Says She Was Accused Of Child Abuse, Claims Another Baby Mama Set Her Up

Rayvon Jones, the mother of late director John Singleton’s youngest child, has revealed she was investigated by Child Protection Services for child abuse recently; and says it was because of another baby mama.

Jones claims that CPS visited her home and placed her under investigation for weeks after receiving claims that she was abusing her and Singleton’s one-year-old son, Seven. 

According to reports, CPS received a tip that Jones had been smoking marijuana around the child, who has breathing issues. She was investigated for abuse and neglect. Her home was searched and CPS workers questioned her close ones.

Jones said she’s convinced it was another baby mama who called CPS because they were upset Jones was dating Singleton when he passed away in April.

John Singleton, Rayvon Jones

Singleton had a total of seven children with at least five women when he passed away.

Interestingly enough, these claims come after Singleton’s mother, Sheila Ward, seemed to slam Jones on social media for not helping him when was suffering before he passed away.

Jones is said to be shocked by Ward’s allegations.

While Singleton reportedly passed away after suffering a stroke, the mother of his children reportedly hired a private investigator to find out what really happened. They are said to be suspicious that he just showed up at the hospital in a wheelchair on his own.

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