Former NBA Star Delonte West Arrested In Virginia For Vehicle Trespassing & Fleeing From Law Enforcement

Former NBA Star Delonte West Arrested In Virginia For Vehicle Trespassing & Fleeing From Law Enforcement

Ex-Dallas Mavericks player Delonte West is in trouble… again!

According to reports, Delonte West was arrested earlier this month after bystanders caught him trespassing in a vehicle at a nearby parking lot.

Delonte West

Apparently, witnesses of the Fairfax, Virginia area made an immediate call to the authorities, and once given the notion of Delonte West’s behavior, officials responded accordingly.

However, upon the cops’ arrival, the 39-year-old allegedly became overbearingly belligerent and fled the scene on foot. Ultimately, West was captured and taken into custody by Fairfax County Police Dept. He was then slapped with vehicle trespassing, entering a vehicle, and fleeing from law enforcement.

Additionally, West appeared to be under the influence, which also landed him a drunk in public charge. He was released within 24 hours of his arrest.

Delonte West in recent years

Although the illustrious athlete’s actions may shock some, this isn’t West’s first public outburst or run-in with the law, as there has previously been speculation of West suffering from drug abuse.

Following his bipolar-depression diagnosis, in 2009, he was pulled over for a traffic violation where he was found lugging around multiple guns. When testifying in court, West insisted that he was moving the weapons to a different location due to minors of his family stumbling across them in his closet.

Dating back to 2016, there was also a number of sightings of West panhandling, which prompted fans to think that the NBA phenomenon was homeless, but he has since denied those claims. Subsequently, last year West was detained in Florida for irately banging on the doors of a police station.

Of course, the news of West’s continuous downfall is heartbreaking, to say the least. Sometime during 2020, Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban helped him check into a rehab facility. In March of this year, he was even seen trying out for the Big3–a league dedicated to retired basketball legends.

Delonte West (via @thebig3 on Twitter)

Not too long after, he bagged a job at a flooring company, but, unfortunately, West is (seemingly) still battling his demons.

Mark Cuban recently spoke out about West’s current wellness status, and he indicated that West’s road to recovery had come to a swift halt.

He said,

“You know, he’s got to want to help himself first,” Mark said. “I’ve tried. I know it’s tough on him, but I wish him nothing but the best.”

Mark Cuban-Delonte West

Mark Cuban and Delonte West

We send our warmest wishes to Delonte West on his journey to healing.

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Authored by: Ashley Blackwell