Afton Williamson Reveals She Was Sexually Abused At Six-Years-Old

Afton Williamson

Afton Williamson Reveals She Was Sexually Abused At Six-Years-Old

Afton Williamson has opened up about the struggles she’s experienced growing up. From being sexually abused at six to going through PTSD at 13, the Otherhood actress bravely detailed some of her life’s most intense valleys.

She wrote posted a photo of Maya Angelou’s “I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings” book and wrote,

“I was sexually abused at a babysitters home when I was 6 years old.I told.I was sent back the next day.I was abused for the next 4 years. At 13, I started losing my hair to PTSD.So I shaved my head.That’s how I entered highschool.”

She added that while it was tough, she ultimately got closer to God.

“I was terrified but I was strong.It was during these 4 years that God spoke to me.Told me who I was.Showed me what I would become.The isolation of being different pushed me so close to Him it was just the 2 of us.He told me I had to fight. So I did.I fought to get out of Toledo. I fought to get into college. I fought in college for myself and all the future black women in that Theatre, as I was the only one.I fought to break ground and change history.I fought in grad school. The only black face of 16 students at a classical conservatory in Alabama. Over the years as I was fighting everything and everyone it seemed, I had to fight my past. My present.”

Unfortunately, she said she went on to experience more abuse in various forms.

“The abuse never stopped.Abusive relationships,toxic friendships, multiple rapes: the last one 3wks before college graduation, a guy I called “friend.”I grew more and more successful and thought the pain was gone.It was ever present, 20yr battle with Bulimia,suicide attempt; wrist tattoos to celebrate 10yrs of no cutting.I never felt pretty.I never felt good.I never had peace.Until now. “

She continued and said thanks to her fight against abuse, she’s now stronger than ever.

“Abuse is a devil that robs us of our True Identity. It is a Liar. It is in my recovery from all of the pain and brokenness that I am walking in my Truth. God reminded me that I have been assigned a Tribe.A Tribe of Survivors.I owe you my Truth. To whom much is given, much is required.I am Free. May My Truth be a Light. A path to Yours.”

Williamson’s heartfelt message comes just days after she claimed her fellow The Rookie actor Demetrius Grosse and head of the Hair Department, Sally Nicole Ciganovich for sexually abusing her. She added that executive producers also bullied her as well.

She previously announced she was quitting the show because of the abuse she encountered.

Prayers for Afton! 



Authored by: Char Patterson