Brooke Valentine Reveals She Had A High-Risk Pregnancy, Explains Why She’s Not On ‘LHHH’

Brooke Valentine

Brooke Valentine Reveals She Had A High-Risk Pregnancy, Explains Why She’s Not On Love & Hip Hop

While the drama of this season of VH1’s Love & Hip Hop Hollywood is explosive, one person who’s noticeably missing is cast member Brooke Valentine. 

It was previously reported that Brooke and her boyfriend Marcus Black welcomed a baby girl this past May. It was one of the best-kept secrets as the couple never even announced they were expecting. But Brooke said that’s also the reason she’s not on the new season of LHHH. She explained that she had a high-risk pregnancy and needed to take a break.

“My induction was scheduled because I was high risk. And it was scheduled too close to filming. It was too stressful. I spent about six weeks postpartum in and out of the hospital. I had preeclampsia, and postpartum hemorrhage, so I wasn’t feeling too great, and I knew I wasn’t gonna be able to jump back on set.”

She added that she also wanted to enjoy her new baby.

“I wanted to spend time with my daughter. I can’t get these times back. All these precious moments with her, I can never get back. I didn’t want to spend them sitting in a van, sitting in a makeup chair, trying to figure out what I’m gonna do with my hair, trying to figure out who I’m gonna beef with next on the show. I didn’t feel like it. I needed a break. My bank account looks good. I can take a break if I want to. I’m on vacation, that’s why I’m not on this season.”

But we haven’t seen the last of Valentine on the show.

“However, I’m still locked in that contract, and I’ll see y’all soon, okay? Period.”

See her adorable baby girl below.

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And for now, see one of Brooke and Black’s best moments on the show.

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Authored by: Char Patterson